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  1. New delay email while "in production"

    Got this at 6:47 pacific time. Just yesterday I was told by marketing that I'm in the paint shop & nothing on my build is constrained so I'm really confused right now. I'm now second guessing my decision "not" to order a 2024. Gonna reach out to my dealer when they open this morning. A sad...
  2. Ford Retail Order Rate Lock APR Private Offer

    Just got off the phone with marketing & was told I have 2 offers showing. First is the farm bureau & the second is in the post title. The certificate was emailed to me & it has an expiration date of 10/2/23, I'm in production so that should be ok. Does anyone in the community have any idea...
  3. Mud flaps on a hybrid?

    I searched but could find anything on my specific question so here goes... I really like the protection adding mud flaps can provide, just how much effect do they really have on milage? Thanks to the community for any insights provided.
  4. Is FORD.COM is down?

    Just tried to get on and..... Service Temporarily Unavailable The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
  5. Got the "Scheduled for Production" email but......

    Email received today states I'm scheduled for production the week of 7/31/2023. Logged into the Ford.com website and the tracking dot image only shows my order confirmed date of 9/19/22. Anyone else have the same issue? Maybe I'm just overly excited and just need to be patient for the site to...
  6. Order no longer showing on Ford.com

    Just checked the Ford,com website and my order is no longer showing. No I didn't have a VIN but it used to show up in my vehicles with my order number. Anyone else notice this? My last chat with Ford had me at unscheduled clean but that's it. I think another chat and/or call to the dealer may be...
  7. Measurement request: distance from the ground to the top of receiver in XLT Maverick?

    Can anyone provide the distance from the ground to the top of the receiver?
  8. Ford Customer Service question

    So I just got off the phone with Ford CS to verify my order. The CS agent verified it as "clean". She also shared that it appears to be in line for the first week of production scheduling. My question is, Can a CS agent really see when my order may be scheduled or not? I'm not holding my...
  9. Order confirmation email questions

    Is the first sentence in the blue section a generic comment? Does it have any real meaning? I'm considering, due to the constraints, removing 360. Can I feel confident my build won't be delayed because of the 360? I'm just reaching out to the community for some insights.
  10. Hi from SoCal

    New guy here, waiting like the rest. Email confirmed, Oxford white XLT hybrid.