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  1. Dealer added too much oil

    Pela PL-6000 6 Liters Oil Extractor https://a.co/d/h8a7lFk
  2. How many Mavericks have you owned?

    I have owned 3 1st XLT HYBRID 360 no lux area 51 paid 4k over sold with 15k miles and $1000 over what I paid originally 2nd 2023 hybrid lariat lux atlas blue sold for what I paid 3 rd original order 19 months later XLT hybrid lux aera 51 XLT price protected and private ford offer
  3. Covercraft Suede Mat Custom Dashmat installed

    Yes it is I have that one now and have the limited edition smoke one both are awesome
  4. Hitch trim part NZ6Z-17F000-AB

    I like the idea of the trim piece however for a stock piece that costs roughly $25 to mark it up to $60-75 depending on the location seems steep for some dremmel trimming!
  5. Tufskinz Crap Customer service

    I have been looking for quality tailgate letters for my Maverick. I've seen on here where many members swear by this companies quality and offer a 10% discount. I contacted them requested Race Red, placed an order and was told 3-7 business days make and ship. This is their guide line and what I...
  6. OEM mud Flaps beware😭🤬

    Cooper are awesome More tread depth more aggressive look awesome and not an insure on mileage ...
  7. OEM mud Flaps beware😭🤬

    There is a Tool around these parts that says I installed them wrong... Beware lol Installed wrong wow.... set holes, set directions molded for the application. Outside of added the protective film that doesn't come with them nothing I could do... Thx and good luck!!
  8. OEM mud Flaps beware😭🤬

    Yea I should have as well ford cheap ass didn't included and didn't really think about ... Mabett fit nicely .
  9. OEM mud Flaps beware😭🤬

    Some members of my Facebook group installed Mabett Mud Flaps which hinde site are better over all. I started looking into them and reading .... OEM look nice but with time and movement scuff the paint and in my case minor but still. So I ordered a set from Amazon and installed using the OEM...
  10. Mabett Mud Flaps for Maverick Available Now!

    Looks great Justin I'm going to replace my OEM FLAPS with these coming Tuesday Did you see my PM on Facebook
  11. Maverick is like a Flex

    Crazy you say that but I too have been thinking the same thing!!
  12. Kansas City Area club

    I agree!! I hope we do this again soon and a few more members, colors and modifications stop by!
  13. Purpose of Auto headlights on XL/XLT

    Your stoned. There are DTRL and you can turn them off on all models!
  14. Kansas City Area club

    Lees summit?
  15. Kansas City Area club

    White one for Napa?
  16. Kansas City Area club

    Awesome sauce congrats!!
  17. Kansas City Area club

    your welcome to come anyway!! Still fun to see the maverick Sit in one see ideas dream a little!!
  18. Kansas City Area club

    10601 state line