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  1. Anti fatigue elbow cushion for driver

    Would wearing an elbow pad be sufficiently effective?
  2. The infamous passenger side leak 2023 Maverick Hybrid, is there a defect.

    Just a guess...inspect the moisture duct from the AC unit. Condensations from the AC occurs when the defroster is activated as well as its cooling function. That moisture usually ends up on the driveway or if the tube is compromised it might flow on the inside firewall and drop down behind the...
  3. Minimum Toolkit Suggestions?

    Harbor freight sells a basic socket set ...fits nicely under back seat.
  4. Critique My Current (Unordered) '24 Hybrid XLT Build

    I find the CP 360 is a good safety addition. I also think improvements made to the XL (cruise control) make it ideal for resale. The moon roof and rear window slider are not that great for general driving. Lastly, floor mats will be worth it over a black OEM carpet. Good luck...it is a...
  5. What does Sync update 3.4.23188 correct?

    It cleared up my issues with phone / radio link. My calls are no longer “garbled” .
  6. Anyone like the dial shifter?

    If you are left handed it could be a hassle but, I'm right handed and it's really "handy".
  7. Senior citizen Maverick owners thread

    74...XL...ordered July 7,22 arrived March 1,23...20k miles CP360. I use this vehicle every day. Average 40 mpg. $20k ( I think this is a very good truck...for its size).
  8. Gap between windshield and hood

    A garage will solve some of your issues.
  9. Sweeping Bed

    I used to use mine to blow out the cabin rather than vacuum.
  10. 2023 Hybrid XL review

    That noise at low speed “high pitch whine” is artificially made to warn pedestrians.
  11. Handsfree incoming call sound garbled

    Mine does the same thing. I usually ask the caller to call back (which corrects the signal). I have a Motorola cell phone. Perhaps my next phone will be a different brand.
  12. I Remember 2 years ago the stories on the 2022 Hybrid Maverick with a MSRP of $19,995

    I bought the xl hybrid within a week of its original offering in 2021. I thought the price was extraordinary low considering it’s technological features. I couldn’t see how Ford could make a profit and, over time, that has caught up with this particular model. One thing added over time is...
  13. Pros please help me...

    Order the xl hybrid with co-pilot 360. Rubber floor mats will keep the dust/dirt down. It’s high enough for state park roads but I’d be reticent to travel “off road” .
  14. Hybrid system overheated.. "Performance reduced to lower temperature"

    As a hybrid owner I’m grateful that a warning like that appears before catastrophic events occur. Autos in my past had no such warnings or alerts.
  15. Which parts are aluminum?

    The motor.
  16. Sac 2 da Bay MPG

    Amazing! Isn’t it....
  17. What's Your ONE Thing?

    A better am-fm radio.
  18. Wind noise Maverick XLT Hybrid

    Does your model have a moon roof or rear widow panel?
  19. XL hybrid trip odometer

    My hybrid (22 XL) registers electric miles with total miles at the end of an individual trip along with mpg.