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  1. Maverick Recall: 23E07 - PCM module needs software update

    Member when Volkswagen did that recall and everyone's amazing fuelmilage went to shit ? Yeah... sure.... I'll be right over for that recall 🙄... Yes I got the recall notice in the mail Tuesday, I filed it in bin 13
  2. Grinding and Squeaking Brakes

    They "Adjusted the brakes".... 🤣
  3. Rattling noise under truck while idle - any ideas?

    The Factory just missed the bushings... let the dealer fix it. (I would fix it myself, but if you're asking how to do it, you obviously can't. ;)(y))
  4. Ceramic Llumar all around

    My mil discount put mine at 600 for full premium ceramic, windshield uv stuff also and a dark tint strip to the ASL line. Wife loves the tint. (It's her maverick)
  5. 2023 ford maverick with aFe power rebel exhaust

    makes thread ....says he puts exhaust on.... Says we have to search somewhere else for the sound clip..... Someone else searches can't find it.... Not worth looking.... 🤣
  6. Refused Delivery

    Well, bye 👋
  7. Thank you P99guy and his associate

    Bed door.... :ROFLMAO:
  8. Hybrid discharge issue

    Ok great.... got it, this was your last post here..... c ya😉✨️👉👋
  9. My last post-signing off

    👋 bye (Ps, we don't care... It's not the airport, you do not have to announce your departure, just GTFO) 👉👍
  10. Motorcycle riders, let’s see your ride.

    The maverick is my wife's I primarily ride a motorcycle here in South Tejas
  11. Senior citizen Maverick owners thread

    You pups better stay on the porch....
  12. Senior citizen Maverick owners thread

    A 1014 Vette wow any hieroglyphics of that one? :ROFLMAO:
  13. Matte black lug nuts to replace OEM lugs

    Yes Just Google ford lug nut corrosion, they swell it's kinda ford's thing... Especially in the northern and rust belt .
  14. Interior bolt cover next to driver’s seat needs replaced

    Oh man....Ill have to have to tell the wife to watch out... She always uses the smitty's car wash about 3 times a week Before work.
  15. See ya Marty!

    This is not the airport sir ... you do not have to announce your departure. Adios.
  16. Thermal camera view of my Maverick's heated seats & steering wheel

    Ok, not gonna lie.... that's cool
  17. Giving up on hybrid order. Options?

    That's just unacceptable. I would go by a brand new Camaro SS