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  1. What have you fit in your Maverick?

    What’s your tonneau cover of interface look like fully opened? Are you pressing the loads up against it? Do you loose a couple inches at the front of the bed?
  2. What have you fit in your Maverick?

    You can see the squat in the pics. It didn’t feel too bad. I did ask the weight per Cu Yd, and it was like 1,100 or something under our 1,500lb rating. Steering was remarkably good but I also kept it under 40mph and didn’t take any quick maneuvers to keep soil from blowing out. Except once it...
  3. DIY Kayak Rack

    Bieber, That’s a BIG YAK JACK! My little 10 footer fits in there good on a HarborFreight bed extender
  4. Protection skids / rock sliders for Off-roading and Desert Crawling?

    OOPS I DID IT AGAIN! I don’t even know what o hit this time , but it happened on the passenger side! Come on aftermarket! I need some steel sliders BAD!
  5. What have you fit in your Maverick?

    Almost a whole cubic yard fits in the bed, even with my toolbox installed. You could fit a cubic yard if you don’t have a truck box in the way. $44/yard is Way better than buying by the bag, and moma’s “raised bed” is coming along.
  6. Air Lift 1000 Helper Air Springs and WirelessONE Compressor System Installed

    Great post and product. Looks like you toured the hoses through the top of the coil, correct? Saw another member with the hoses hanging out the bottom that made me nervous.
  7. What have you fit in your Maverick?

    That's a great addition! One offroad geek question: Could it be mounted in a way that changes the hose outlet position so it's not hanging below the A-arm? It looks a little vulnerable to catching on something and getting ripped off.
  8. Protection skids / rock sliders for Off-roading and Desert Crawling?

    Save $600 on replacement Charcoal Evap Canisters. So it turns out the Maverick shares an Evap Canister (part number LX6Z9D653F $459) with a couple other Ford/Lincoln cars/SUV's. You can save a couple hundred $ buying a used one off eBay. I got mine for $224, and it came out of a Lincoln Corsair...
  9. Venerable Charcoal Canister

    Found a replacement on eBay with the same part number for a “Lincoln Corsair”. The photos look the same. For $190, I’m going to give it a shot. My understanding is that fiberglass won’t permanently or chemically bond to the plastic Evap canister. It will just stick to it like a clamp or glue...
  10. Truck Bed Tool Box Options FOUND

    Yea! Let’s see that backrack I wanted something like a headache rack I could use to lean long it’s over the cab without touching the body, but they all are like yours and occupy the bed rail near the cab. Yea! L
  11. Truck Bed Tool Box Options FOUND

    I don't think I ever got around to screwing it down. You're right that screwing it to the 2"x6" wouldn't prevent anyone from picking it up. The 2"x6" didn't actually support the weight, the 48" tool chest rested on the wheel wells. I can't tell you how much MORE I prefer the over the rail box I...
  12. Venerable Charcoal Canister

    #me too. I haven't been able to bring myself to paying Ford $750 to do this repair yet. This felt skid plate is a joke. Somebody please stamp some out of steel or sell us some rock sliders. I'm going to try the fiberglass method of plugging too. I hope I can get the mounting tab back on their...
  13. Protection skids / rock sliders for Off-roading and Desert Crawling?

    Anybody know what this box is? I broke it loose bottoming out while hopping a curb 😣
  14. Protection skids / rock sliders for Off-roading and Desert Crawling?

    I’m doing my part to generate demand for underbody armor…
  15. My First Recovery!!!

    So how do y’all rig up to recover someone with a strap? We can’t all get a tow truck every time we get stuck.
  16. Trade F-150 for a Maverick?

    Take a look at what we’re towing and hauling with our Maverick’si 1fifty: https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/what-have-you-fit-in-your-maverick.29336/post-542841 The amount of weight we can haul in the bed is only a couple hundred less than the F150, right? I want one of those F050...
  17. Trade F-150 for a Maverick?

    Good point, I’m actually scared of the turbo failing and sending shrapnel into the engine block and totaling the truck around 120,000 miles like Fords other turbos…
  18. What have you fit in your Maverick?

    Good idea GPSMan! Y’all have any recommendations for air springs?