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  1. Trailgate Vehicle Shelter

    Will this work on the Maverick? If not what do you all recommend/use atm? TY https://www.rei.com/product/193121/rei-co-op-trailgate-vehicle-shelter?cm_mmc=aff_AL-_-2467-_-2906-_-3402&avad=2906_e32f297d5
  2. 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor Review - Shake It Up

  3. In news that surprises no one, members of the UAW have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a strike should their contracts expire in mid-September.

    https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/cars/news-blog/97-percent-of-uaw-members-approve-strike-action-44502559 Affect the Maverick? Its built in Mexico
  4. how do you play basic mp3 that sync with the steering wheel? NOT THRU USB

    I HAVE LITERALLY WORKED DAYS ON THIS Here I go again Sometimes the USB works and plays MP3 sometimes it doesn't it seems to have a mind of its own. I've given up I'm taking it into the dealer on the 15th so I can have consistent music playing from the USB Here is my question When the USB is...
  5. 2024 Mitsubishi Triton Revealed, Should It Come to America?

  6. usb does not recognize flash drive

    this is from an earlier thread on this forum I have been in my new Lariat Hybrid Base Trim Pack for just 3 days, and am still learning the "Sync Base" sytem on my truck, (the LUX pack has Sync 3.4). So far, I am experiencing irratic operation of the Audio, Source: USB with a flash drive...
  7. Cruz Control: Hyundai Adds XRT Trim to Its Pickup

    https://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/cars/news-blog/cruz-control-hyundai-adds-xrt-trim-to-its-pickup-44501791 BEST COMMENT: This is an interesting example of a good concept with poor execution.
  8. Your New Car Is Watching You And Collecting Your Data

  9. did you get your Maverick?

    Rail Car Shortage Keeping 70,000 New Cars Off Dealer Lots As Supply Chain Issues Continue The new car shortage is not nearly as bad as it was just a couple years ago, but there's no way to get them in dealers' hands...
  10. the Telo EV pickup

  11. Ford ESP should I get one?

    I plan on keeping the Lariat hybrid Maverick for sometime and not planning a lot of driving Should I purchase one of these, and when? Thank You...
  12. Using the Maverick truck bed?

    Never owned a truck. I am losing the trunk my present vehicle has has I'm inquiring about the truck bed and what are my options with regard to for example; groceries in bed things I pick up at home Depot or just general storage stuff that I kept in my trunk that I may want to stash in the...
  13. Should Toyota Go Small With Its Next Truck?

  14. 2022 Ford Maverick Review – Setting the Standard

  15. im putting my order in tomorrow 06/05

    Never having 'built' a vehicle I have read hundreds of threads on this forum taken notes added items to a dedicated folder developed a google doc for my findings and visited a myriad of other Maverick sites/forums But thats it Im going in tomorrow to build my Maverick with the dealer and when...
  16. Replacing bulbs - easy or difficult?

    Quick question: With previous vehicles I have owned I was able to replace the headlights/tail lights with little difficulty. Regarding the Maverick is it possible for one to replace the bulbs with out a myriad of tools? ty
  17. dealer STL

    come back in Sept to order your Maverick hybrid
  18. what3words navigation ?

  19. Best Pickup Truck Tonneau Covers: