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  1. Ford X Plan suggestions and help please, thanks

    Mustang club is a yearly renewal. Get it now worth the $35. Yes you need to be a member for 90 days to get xplan. My dealer originally told me they were not accepting it (9/21), but I got it anyway. I picked up the truck late January and the dealer said they will honor xplan. Gave them my pin...
  2. Maverick goes dead

    Had my Mav (EB awd fx4) for about a month and started getting messages from ford app about going into sleep mode due to low battery. Paid no attention since it was a one month old car. Came out to a dead car one morning, it took a jump no problem, but I bought a portable jump pack just in case...
  3. First to get a Maverick, First to get wrecked 🤷🏾‍♂️

    I estimate you are over reacting and should take the word “wrecked” out of your post!
  4. The Unicorn

    EB AWD FX4. 4500 miles. 3500 are Highway avg 72-80 mph. Getting a consistent 30 mpg, 29 and change using A/C. Towed a u-haul for 350 miles with about 1200lbs total and it took it down to 23 mpg.
  5. having second thoughts

    Have been driving my maverick for two months now, traded in a 2012 f-150 my only concern was being comfortable driving being tall. Wanted to upgrade but f-150 prices were crazy. Ordered maverick sight unseen xlt lux fx4. For the price it’s more than I would expect. For the expectation, the same...
  6. Idea for rear camera view when tailgate down ( need an engineer)

    Thank you! Will get one of these!
  7. Idea for rear camera view when tailgate down ( need an engineer)

    Thoughts on the possibility of coming up with a way to still use the backup camera while driving with the tailgate down. What if you could devise a plastic or rubber band that would adhere to the chrome around the ford oval, would have to be removable and reusable ( maybe static or...
  8. X-plan membership

    Mine was $571 off MSRP but doc fee went from 699 to $75 and dealers original invoice had another $699 for wheel lock and window tint add-ons that disappeared when they reworked the invoice with x-plan. So definitely worth the $35 for joining Mustang Club!
  9. Anyone in the Atlanta area

    Rivertown Ford. Columbus GA Ordered 9/2. Received 1/27
  10. Sirius XM options

    Did Sirius try to hit you up with a $50 “service transfer fee” for switching to the commander from your previous radio? Called them yesterday and they want the fifty to switch, and I only paid $70 for the whole year which runs until may.
  11. Maverick Key Fob (Flip Key)

    Is the XLT lux key different than a non-lux? I have seen some fobs with an additional “2x” button on them, assuming that’s for remote start?
  12. Home made tonneau cover

    Great job! This is what the Mav is all about.
  13. Where in the build process are the modules populated?

    At this point I think your almost there( I think?). Had a build date of 12/8 and no activity on modules or Ford app for weeks. Tracker said estimated delivery on 1/12. Modules populated on 12/31 and Ford pass app showed “activate” on same day. Finally got a “built” email on 1/4 for an estimated...
  14. Did not take delivery

    It’s ok, I’m sure your a good person at heart…. NOT….you should feel like trash. Live with your own despair, don’t broadcast it to all here that are patiently waiting and will gladly accept our Mavericks. Wallow in your your own self pity alone!!! How was that? Better than being yelled at?
  15. Exhaust idea - custom fabrication by exhaust shop

    For looks, or will it serve a purpose?
  16. Exhaust idea - custom fabrication by exhaust shop

    What would be the purpose of this?
  17. Dumbest review of the day from Motorious.com

    People… relax. This could be a 12 year old in his parents basement. He made comments on a “thing” that we didn’t agree with on a forum that has no rules or guidelines. Makes you think how some anonymous person on the internet can write a few paragraphs on something and get the forum (or world)...
  18. Dealer stock ordered hybrid

    I think they are just all Mavericks shipped. Those sites have no idea if its a customer order or dealer stock, I saw my own VIN listed for sale and a “ schedule a test drive” and I stil don’t have a legit eta
  19. Dealer stock ordered hybrid

    Where have you seen a dealer stock hybrid? Is it fair? As fair as anything else I guess, if you were a dealer wouldn’t you want some inventory. I would assume dealers would be asking Ford for inventory on any and all new models they have ASAP.
  20. Cooking While Driving

    Coming from a chef. If your ordering takeout on Christmas Day you have no need to worry about the temperature melting the bed!! (you’ll be lucky if it’s room temp)