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  1. Annoying Door Lock Issue...

    I have had the sam issue with my drivers side door locking me out several times since new (2022). I have taken the truck to the dealership and they could not find it locking itself. They suggested leaving the truck overnight for observation. Return the next day with the service department saying...
  2. Best Color Tailgate Letters for Hot Pepper Red?

    I had purchased these lettering from AFXTRIMS through Etsy. Called Maverick ABS PLASTIC RAISED TAILGATE LETTERING at a cost of about $27.50 for the Brushed aluminum finish.
  3. Best Color Tailgate Letters for Hot Pepper Red?

    Installed raised ABS plastic Brushed aluminum lettering on ours.
  4. Our cities Building Department owns at least two Mavericks

    Just noticed that Elkhart City has least two Carbonized Gray Ecoboost Maverick trucks for city’s use. Wise use of taxpayer money! They both belong to the Building Department.
  5. What's your Maverick hauling in the bed? [Photos Edition]

    Hauled 48” table with 4 side chairs with 2 table leaves in the bed to transport to our grandson at Ball State University. In the backseat we loaded a vintage Singer sewing machine and cabinet to transport to our friends in Central Indiana. Love this truck!
  6. Fumoto Valve Fail

    Wow! I have purchased 2 of these valves, one for my Maverick Hybrid and another for my Buick. Fortunately I have not installed either yet and since reading your post,I will NOT e installing either one. I will stick to the original drain plug! Thanks for your posting this flaw with the Fumoto...
  7. Wind noise near passenger side

    Last summer we visited our local Ford dealership service department to diagnose our wind noise driving during windy weather. We spent a hour driving as well as briefly driving near 80 mph but could not replicate the wind noise as it was not at the time windy outside . They said because they...
  8. Driver's door locking on its own

    Agree with your assessment, poor design and I have to be aware when existing the truck.
  9. Dash/windshield rattle

    What thickness of backer rod do you use? Thanks!
  10. Audio black trim panel with Muslogy dash tray combination installed

    I recently installed the Muslogy dash tray and the audio trim panel purchased on EBay. Both pieces are black and complimented the interior looks and added functionality. The audio trim panel finish really looks like a OEM piece. The Muslogy dash tray really rattled as it simply lays in the...
  11. Car Insurance for Your New Maverick?

    $37.00 month with multiple vehicles and homeowners with seniors discount through Erie insurance.
  12. What did you drive before the Maverick?

    Sold our 1997 Chevrolet Silverado months before we received our Maverick !
  13. Fumoto drain plug

    I have not installed my valve yet so cannot comment on the installation. You can contact the manufacturer to ask if this type of valve would work. I simply relied upon the manufacturer recommended valve type when I purchased. Good question though.
  14. Received message from Ford Pass Connect that remote features are temporarily unavailable

    We covered our Maverick and installed a Battery Minder to keep the battery full charged. The truck has not been driven for exactly 2 weeks now and we received the following message from FordPass Connect. We know that the battery is at full charge so evidently 2 weeks without starting the truck...
  15. Dash cubby hole -- what occupies yours? 📸

    We have several cubby items that we can add to our cubby but have added the Christmas Bear for the season.
  16. Fumoto drain plug

    Thanks for your information and photos concerning the Fumoto drain valve part numbers including the extension needed. Just ordered from the manufacturer website which recommended the same product numbers. Our Maverick looks just like yours, thanks again!
  17. Which tonneau cover do you prefer?

    I thought that the instructions were very helpful and I followed them carefully. As a tip, do not snug down the mounting clamps too tightly until you are satisfied that the 3 ribs on the cover are just right on the tailgate lip and makes a good seal. I love the cover and hopefully you will enjoy...
  18. Locked me out again.

    Our Maverick has experienced this drivers side door locked randomly several times. I even returned it to the dealership for evaluation and they kept the truck overnight to see if they could replicate the locking door. They were unsuccessful in duplicating the locking and mentioned they would...
  19. Which tonneau cover do you prefer?

    I just folded the cover and measured 8” from back edge of cover to the front wall of the bed
  20. Which tonneau cover do you prefer?

    I installed the BAKFlip MX4 cover about 6 months ago. It was easy to install and have driven the truck through very heavy rainfalls and had extremely small amount of leaking into the bed. Very pleased with this cover!