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  1. Johnny's 2022 Maverick Lariat Build

    Great looking truck! That color will look awesome with bronze wheels. Was the grill bar easy to remove and re-install?
  2. Best bug deflector?

    I just received mine and plan to try and install it today. I am already thinking I will be disappointed. I will update here if it actually fits or doesn't. I also read all of the complaints you mentioned. Nonetheless, I called RealTruck and asked the rep about it because some here on MTC have...
  3. Strut tower brace opinion?

    I just received mine. Can you share how it made a difference? Im looking to install mine in a few days.
  4. A New Batch of Fender Flares Is About to Arrive in the Warehouse. Don't Miss Out!

    I really like these fender flares. Especially for the price. But I also want those fog lights on the first truck.
  5. Best bed mat?

    I would like to find a good bed mat that will also work with the Ford bed divider and the SIBL. Anyone also have the bed divider with SIBL? Does it clear at the bottom? Thanks in advance.
  6. IMHO most Mavericks will rot out at the left rear quarter, will yours?

    I know most of the Country has a negative opinion about California; for many reasons. However, one good thing about living in SoCal is never having to worry about rust on any of my vehicles.
  7. Why the ecoboost?

    Because the Ecoboost in sport mode is awesome.
  8. My 2024 Maverick Lariat With Upgraded Tires & Wheels

    Wow, congratulations. I waited a year and a half.
  9. Weird Noise When Turning the Steering Wheel Quickly

    Mine is a 2023 Lariat Ecoboost AWD. I may post a video when I get a chance. I'm traveling for the holidays so it may take a while. Nonetheless, it sounds exactly like yours. It's not a grinding, clicking, or rattling noise. I noticed it the day after I brought it home. It should be completely...
  10. Weird Noise When Turning the Steering Wheel Quickly

    Same noise here. 2023 Lariat. I also want to know what it is.
  11. Anyone else feels Maverick steering is a bit "heavy"?

    2023 Lariat and have the same noise. I don't know what it and what causes it. Like a rubbing swoosh sound.
  12. Received my Maverick with 40 miles on it and found sticker: "selected at random for road testing following assembly"

    I had the same sticker with 27 miles on it. I was wondering why it had almost 40 miles when I picked it up. I initially thought that the dealership used my truck to run errands, etc. I was happy to see that it was tested before shipping. I am hoping that this "random road test" is going to save...
  13. Alto Blue Maverick build + Mabett fender flares = sweetness

    Same here. Alto blue Lariat. I have the tailgate spoiler in the garage but was having second thoughts about how it would look and haven't installed it. It really looks good on this truck. Decisions, decisions.
  14. Carbon Gray Build

    Nice, I like the color a lot. I also ordered and received my 23 Lariat in Alto blue from Citrus Ford Ontario, CA. I like those wheels and tires. I also have the Eibach lowering springs, just no time right now to install them. I know what you mean about ordering from Ford Accessories. Worst...
  15. Best place to buy Eibach Springs?

    How do I know I have the revised front springs?
  16. This time, I won't say I'm almost finished! NOW with photos

    I like it. Do everything at once and don't have to ever worry about accessories in the future. I've done that before. You can focus on other things in life.
  17. Wow, I just got this Dash Cover with a Nice Surprise, "Maverick" in Red Letters!

    Just received mine. It looks good for the price.
  18. Mavericks parking by Mavericks.

    I really like the bug deflector. Easy to install?
  19. Charlotte metro; Starting to see some Mavs

    I see them every day now. Many on the road and many on dealer lots here in SoCal.
  20. Three new 2023 Mavericks on my dealer's lot

    A dealer here in Riverside CA has 6 or 7 2024s. Some XLTs and some Lariats. Both Gas and Hybrid. All on the lot. I assume more are coming. $7,500 mark up on all of them, lol!