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  1. 78 days ... glad to see it... order to delivery

    Got the call 4/5 that my Maverick is in. Ordered Jan 18th. Went to see it at dealer and happy to see that dirty new truck just off the train ride and truck delivery to dealer. XLT, Alto blu/ eco/ SIBL/ tow hitch, and full size spare. Crest Ford Flatrock Michigan, Chris Merriman has been...
  2. Ordered Jan 18 alto blu xlt eco / sbl / fss / tow hitch

    Order confirmed, build date confirmed March 7th week. Pushed up week of Feb 28th, then to week Feb 21st. Wow, great going. Little fumble now, email pushed back to week of March 7th. Can I hope to get by Easter ? I'm patient. Our building with Roush has been setting up testing on the Mav for...