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  1. Took delivery of ‘24 Terrain Maverick Lariat Hybrid (pics)

    Just home from dealership….Amazed at how nice this drives. Terrain color is different from the photos. Darker. Take note of the white vehicle close by. Not beige! Similar to chalk color on Cayenne! LOL
  2. Fixes/improvements for ‘24??

    My 2024 Lariat Hybrid is on the train, arriving at my dealership very shortly. Lots of talk on various rattles from different locations. Ford’s had some time to fix these issues. Any idea if rattles/vibrations have been addressed for calendar year 2024? Yes, I know it’s a starter truck….but...
  3. Ordered July 18th…notified today, August 24th.

    Huh? 36 days? Lariat hybrid in Terrain. I was expecting to wait one year. What’s up with that?
  4. Zero info on my Mav Lariat hybrid….since 9/15/22. Just got called…

    I mean not a single E mail from Ford….other than $200 perks towards accessories. No phone calls…until 2 hours ago. A stranger from the dealership calls, telling me that my salesperson is no longer in their employ and that I’ve been ”reassigned“ to the fleet manager. And that….my truck just...
  5. $5,000 above MSRP for Lariat Hybrid in Area 51

    Should I pull the trigger? I ordered on back on Sept 15th and I imagine I’ll wait for 12 more months. This hybrid has the Luxury and the co Pilot option. Am I being exploited?