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  1. Calculations to help your Hybrid vs. EcoBoost Maverick decision

    I bought snow tires. I’m hoping with that and the good clearance I’ll be good to go. I drove a focus before that so I’m not too worried..but AWD/4x4 would be great haha
  2. Calculations to help your Hybrid vs. EcoBoost Maverick decision

    I run at about 42. The above it from February to 2 weeks ago I believe. I put 235/65/17 Falken Wildpeak at3ws on and occasionally will try to get great mpgs just for fun. I just drove from ME to NH (59 mile) and back and got 52 and 48mpgs. It’s all up to the speed, weather and terrain. I ran AC...
  3. My Mav Module (Auto set default mode) Install video and review

    Where are the self proclaimed nerds running the numbers to see where the ROI is on 42mpg to 44 mpg? We NEED to know!
  4. AC won’t turn off-infotainment garbage

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll change the settings tomorrow ..fingers crossed!
  5. AC won’t turn off-infotainment garbage

    I’ll try a new cable but, If anything I think it’ll only help with the random times it dosent connect to my phone. Thats not all of the issues I am experiencing. When I answer a call or someone calls me, it’s still connected and the line just goes quiet on both our ends. Also it randomly...
  6. AC won’t turn off-infotainment garbage

    I’ll give it a go. Thanks. I’m looking to talk to the dealership again and hopefully I can get traction on the break issue which, in severe winter weather is a safety issue
  7. AC won’t turn off-infotainment garbage

    Is anyone else having issue with the AC? I can not for the life of me keep it off. Even with the ac indicator light off I get ice cold air. I would like no AC for 2 reasons: my wife hates the feeling of artificial air it makes her joints ache and at times I would like to attempt to improve my...
  8. Hybrid shudder recall

    I got mine done 19 June for this specific issue and the radio. Somehow hey could not reproduce the radio issue even though every time a call comes in I answer but we can’t hear each other. However, after I call back or if they call again, the sound and mic works .
  9. Hybrid shudder recall

    I received the software update. It certainly lessens the shudder. No longer does it kick on in the severity that it did before -where it seems I hit an invisible rumble strip. It’s still there but lessened. Though, it seems I can’t stay in “the blue” as long or at higher speed like I was able to...
  10. Adjusting AFE Bias - 5000 miles of Data from my Hybrid Maverick

    Oh I sure get that. Since a lot of people don’t want to work anymore, my work is begging for people to work . If I cover someone else’s shift (no heavy lifting involved ) I can pay that gas savings in 3 hours. 3 hours to pay for stress free driving..to me it’s worth it. I can always and do try...
  11. Adjusting AFE Bias - 5000 miles of Data from my Hybrid Maverick

    For me trying to get much better MPG is just a game. With a hybrid there is minimal cost savings. At 13,000 miles a year and 3.65/gal gas, going from 41 to 48 only saves $168 a year (if that MPG is averaged for the FULL year). If I try really hard I may inconsistently get 45. Without trying I...
  12. Hybrid owners: for those that have off-roaded how did it go?

    I put some Falken wildpeak at3ws on. Maybe -2mpg difference. I have a small fishing trail next to my house that it traverses pretty well. It’s downhill on the way in and uphill on the way back. The only time I slip is when it’s muddy and I’m going uphill where the weight is distributed less...
  13. Rougher ride than I want

    +1 on tire pressure. My tires were at 42 +/- 2 psi in 10 degree weather.
  14. Tailgate Lettering Sizes

    The dealership accidentally added ceramic coating to my Maverick. Which I’m totally cool with. I put lettering on from Amazon ($20) and they haven’t fallen off yet. It’s only been 2 weeks though
  15. Check If These Mud Flaps Are What You Have Been Looking For - Affordable Alternatives to The OEM 【Update: Save with 10% coupon】

    Is it the type of fastener that can be removed (in my cases effie) with a screwdriver? are they ridged or semi-flexible ? thanks
  16. Surveillance at night -1st word problem

    I like the blanket idea. I’ll be trying that sucker out. Maybe Snuggie needs to make something that can go over my body and the dash. It would be a direct ac/heat type of situation and I would be quite content.
  17. Surveillance at night -1st word problem

    Hey All, I have a hybrid xlt lux in Area 51. Ya.., I’m a lucky man. — For work I I have the pleasure of conducting surveillance which sometimes occurs at night. I should use a “state vehicle” which is provided by work..but work also allows us to use our POV’s …because the provided vehicles are...
  18. Post the view from your office window 🪟

    I park mine and monitor from security cameras haha. I’d show you all but I’d like to keep my job!
  19. Offer from ALGO

    This week I just picked up my ‘23 hybrid (hybird to some) xlt with LUX, SIBL, 360. It has 215 miles on it. it’s pretty damn great in a lot of ways but with stock contis not amazing in the snow. My hybrid was originally ordered in October ‘21. It’s been a long ride and I was unsure if I was ever...