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  1. All-Weather vs All-Season vs Winter Tires

    I have been running some Bravo H/T tires on my Saturn Vue for years now that are fantastic in the snow. They are only rated "M&S" but have a very aggressive tread and have a lot of siping. They did increased the road noise a bit. I was thinking I will see if they are available for the Maverick...
  2. 2024 Maverick Clean-up Scheduling This Week (12/7/23) for Production Weeks 1/1/24 - 2/26/24

    It's funny, I reached up to my sales person on Saturday after figuring I missed the last scheduling period. I ask if he could verify the priority number and if I should remove the mud flaps... (I had tried Ford chat a while back with no luck). He replied with he would look at the constraints and...
  3. 11/30/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    I just got a text from my salesperson and turns out I was scheduled in this last round - he said the email came Friday. I will update the info if/when I get it from him but build date of 2/12/24. Edit: ⏰ N/A - We don't get emails in Canada 📅 Build Date 02/12/2024 🔢 466XX 🛻 Carbonized Gray '24...
  4. Why No Keypad?

    It’s funny cause I really did not want the key pad when I ordered the ‘23, but I talked myself into it. Now I am a little disappointed it is not going to be on my ‘24 build. I know I can add it but I definitely don’t want a stick on key pad! I can live without the heated wiper. We call it the...
  5. Canadian order to delivery wait times

    I texted the rep I ordered with yesterday just to check in. I guess I was also hoping that with the 2 month scheduling happening there might be some good news... He mentioned they still had plenty of allocation left and they were expecting to get more vehicles scheduled next week. The funny...
  6. How did you first hear about the Ford Maverick?

    I was hitting all of the lots looking to find my next vehicle. I never seriously considered a truck because I like driving something that fits in a parking spot easily. I had hit all of the lots in the auto mall and moved to another one to catch the last few companies. Ford was the last lot. I...
  7. 2024 Maverick Scheduling This Week (11/30/23) for Production Weeks 1/1/24 - 2/26/24

    I am surprised that 4 small pieces of plastic can not be produced fast enough to not hold up a $45,000 CND sale... but what do I know I sell groceries for a living!
  8. Did you hear for Ford....

    I had to double check where you were located because if you were in Canada you get 0 (zero, nada, zilch) communication from Ford!
  9. No Scheduling Today

    I am hoping Ford will find it easier to get the batteries (in the near future) for the Hybrid Maverick builds due to the other manufacturers slow down their production of EVs (less demand then anticipated).
  10. Canadian order to delivery wait times

    I am still waiting… it hurts a little every time I fill the tank of my 3.6l SUV. Tuesday, I have to take my 2008 in for a new starter. In the last 15 years I have sunk over $5k into non-maintenance mechanical problems and I need it to stop. Ok, I kid - it has been a great vehicle but it’s time...
  11. Username Meaning ?!?!

    Some co workers thought it was funny to nickname me Ned Flanders because I had a moustache and glasses. It did not bother me in fact I embraced it, hence Ned F.
  12. 2024 Ford Maverick Owners Manual [PDF Download]

    Awesome - Thank you! I don't have my truck yet, but I rather read technical and user manuals over a fiction novel every day of the week!
  13. Trip to Keystone towing Mesa Ridge Travel Trailer: 2 states, 1,300 miles, 13.4 MPG

    I had to do that about 35 years ago. Back then we had to have vehicles and trailers checked and certified every couple of years. I pulled up with my tent trailer behind my Datsun and the dude told me I can’t pull that trailer with my car. I got out of my car and picked the back of the trailer up...
  14. Ordering and wait times Vancouver experience

    I received an email today from Ford letting me know all of the Ford Pass Rewards I could earn winterizing my vehicle thought my local Ford dealer. Ahhh, I need my Ford vehicle first! 😂
  15. Question regarding 2.5 Hybrid Engine Air Filter

    I would think as long as it is making a tight seal seeing a little of the side of the gasket is not an issue.
  16. Ordering and wait times Vancouver experience

    After I heard the US had opened up My24 ordering I reached out to my sales person. He replied with the fact that ordering the 24’s was not available yet in Canada. I told him I wanted to order a 24 as close to the 23 order as possible given any changes to the options. About a week later he sent...
  17. Ordering and wait times Vancouver experience

    I ordered My23 from Ocean in March of 23 and did the rollover to 24 when they opened the window. I hope that means mine can’t be too far off now - maybe a few more months, but hopefully less!
  18. Fuel door ?

    Well that’s a slight disappointment, but I will get over it. We get more rain than snow and ice on the Wet Coast of Canada!
  19. Fuel door ?

    Unless windshield wiper de-icer is something different it is still listed in the Lariat package for My24.