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  1. Hybrid Fuel Gauge/Tank Float Malfunction?

    Filled up my Hybrid at Costco yesterday and about 20 miles later I noticed my fuel gauge was showing just over 3/4 full. Switched over to see the miles remaining screen and it showed 480 to empty. It appears my fuel gauge and/or tank float is malfunctioning. I'm going to top it off again today...
  2. ValvoMax Quick Oil Change System ($38)

    As discussed recently in the Stahlbus oil value thread. The newly released ValvoMax oil value system is now $38 each when you buy 2 sets using the 20% off Father’s Day code or new sign up code (a bit over $42 if you buy one) Cool design, veteran owned, made in USA, no adapter required, no ground...
  3. P237 Code on Hybrid (Turbo Boost Sensor)?

    Last Friday my hybrid engine light came on. My scanner shows P237 which normally means turbo boost sensor and/or intake boost pressure. I know I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I know my hybrid does not have a turbo. Anyone here have any ideas? (My truck is at my dealership today for...
  4. Napier Truck Bed Tent for Maverick

    Has anyone here already purchased the Napier Truck Bed Tent for their Maverick? Ford accessories is selling it (VPZ6Z99000C38A) for $279. The Napier website is selling them for $139.99 https://www.napieroutdoors.com/us/product/maverick-truck-tent/ Anyone have any input on the quality and/or fit?
  5. Custom Paint Maverick Sighting

    I spotted this custom Maverick yesterday in Southington, CT. I actually like the mint green and would have considered it if offered by Ford.
  6. Cabin Air Filter (K&N Replacement P/N: VF3021)

    The stock cabin air filter is: Motorcraft FP-89 and recommended to be changed every 20,000 miles (Average cost $35) The lifetime K&N replacement is: VF3021 (Average cost $40)
  7. Continental ProContact TX (With Run Flat Technology)?

    My Maverick came with the Continental ProContact TX tires (225/65-R17). According to the Continental tire website the ProContact TX includes Run Flat technology. Does anyone know if Ford and Continental created a special version of this tire without Run Flat? Or did we in fact get Run Flat tires?
  8. Hybrid Cold Start Rough Idle

    My Hybrid just hit 14K; Now that is is getting cold out I have noticed the engine on cold start runs at a really rough idle until it warms up (abnormally loud too). Opened the hood and the air box is clearly lumbering about abnormally as I hear an odd ticking noise. Anyone else have this occur?
  9. Connecticut Sold: Used OEM Splash Guards

    Used Front (NZ6Z16A550AA) set and Rear (NZ6Z16A550BA) set for sale. $50 OBO. Only on my truck about 5000 miles, light scuff on passenger rear guard. All parts included, except do not have install guides. Local pick-up preferred.
  10. BLIS/Cross Traffic Circuit Fault? Alert: "The driver display alert LED has a circuit fault. Warning indicator lights may not function".

    I got a message on my Ford Pass app stating: "The driver display alert LED has a circuit fault. Warning indicator lights may not function". Then: "Have system checked by dealer" Anyone else have this?
  11. OEM Ford Splash Guards For Sale

    I have the front and rear OEM splash guards for sale. They were on my Maverick for about 4 months; look new. Used my Ford Pass points to purchase so any fair offer will be considered. Located in Bristol, CT. No longer have the installation instructions, but they are pretty straight forward to...
  12. Maverick Spotting in New Hampshire

    We recently purchased a piece of land just outside Hillsborough (Hillsboro) New Hampshire. Over the past 5-6 weeks we have seen at least five (5) other Mavericks in the small town of Hillsborough. There is a Ford dealership there, but found it odd that we have seen more Maverick's there than at...
  13. Fumoto vs EZ Oil

    Anyone install either the Fumoto or EZ Oil drain valve on the hybrid yet? Would like a recommendation on which style and brand fits and works best.
  14. Laconia Bike Week (Maverick Meet-Up?)

    I will be at the Laconia Bike Week events this Saturday (June 11) with my Oxford White XLT Hybrid. (Wife is going hiking, I'm checking out bikes.). If anyone else wants to meet-up let me know...
  15. 41.5MPG (1000 Mile Average)

    Yes, I’m elated :)
  16. DIY (Extra Storage) behind rear seats

    The Maverick models without the amplifier behind the rear seat has the mounting bracket unused. When I looked behind the rear seat in my XLT I began thinking of ways to utilize the space for extra storage and realized I could use the amplifier bracket to mount a storage bag. Here’s my DIY...
  17. Anyone install Trident FastFold Tonneau Cover?

    Has anyone here received and installed the Trident FastFold Tonneau cover? Please share some pictures and tell us what you think about it. Mine should be shipped from Auto Accessories Garage any day now. $236 delivered after the 20% discount and another 5% veterans discount (veterans don’t...
  18. FordPass Rewards (Redemption)?

    I just purchased the front & rear mud flaps through Fairway Ford Parts ($43 for each set) for a total purchase price of $94 delivered using my FordPasss Rewards points. They deducted 18,668 points??? That’s about 200 points for every dollar spent. Does this sound right? I can’t find the...
  19. Bed cubby door lock?

    Anyone figured out how to change out the twist to lock to a keyed lock on the bed cubby door? If so please explain.
  20. Center Console Dual Stage Insert

    The Maverick has a great (deep) center console. Can someone design(3D print) a dual stage insert to maximize the space?