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  1. Gonzo's Carbon Gray XLT AWD

    Looks just like mine. You have good taste!
  2. Maverick XLT cup holders in the back?

    I got sent a Fits kit randomly in the mail from Ford while I was waiting for mine last year. One of the things it included was a 2 cup holder that fits in the slot on the back of the center console for the back passengers. But yes, the XLT and Lariat have the fold down center armrest with 2...
  3. New stereo firmware update available!

    I noticed after updating that apple car play loads almost instantly now and there's no more reverse camera lag, at least way less than before. I'm happy with that. I noticed no other changes
  4. New stereo firmware update available!

    I tried this when I got home from work. After a few tries I got it to take, download, then install after about 10 minutes total. Winning combo for me was truck actually running, not just key on, and my phone hotspot connected and not just the plenty strong house wifi. I left it sit for...
  5. Finally, after 330 days!

    The alto blue with the BAP is very sharp. Congrats!
  6. Enable TSR (traffic sign recognition) on XL/XLT with FORScan -- DIY how-to

    I may have missed this tidbit of info and it's been a couple years since Ive messed with FORScan. My OBD adapter has the medium speed and high speed can bus switch. Which setting should I be using to perform the TSR enable? Seems like I remember it would prompt you to switch the setting if...
  7. Finally on the Railcar

    Congrats! The wait is almost over. It took about 10-11 days for mine to arrive at the drop lot and another handful of days to arrive at the dealer on the car hauler truck. after I got notified it had been shipped on the rail car. As for the pre-delivery inspection at the dealer they...
  8. PSA for those doing a transmission fluid dump and fill

    I did not. Ive never seen that in the countless other similar Ford transmissions Ive serviced with a similar design such as the 6F and 8F in edges, escapes, etc. If it pukes out some fluid then we shall see but I don't see it as being a necessary component since so many other similar designs...
  9. PSA for those doing a transmission fluid dump and fill

    Correct. Ive just never encountered that little plug on any other similar vehicles before. In my experience the removal of the vent tube was unnecessary and you could simply remove the vent cap and put a skinny funnel in to fill. Spring clamps in tight areas are a pain if you don't have to.
  10. PSA for those doing a transmission fluid dump and fill

    I had some Motorcraft ULV transmission fluid left in the garage cabinet from a previous vehicle so decided to do a dump and fill on the Maverick transmission while I was under anyway changing oil. Obviously way early to be needed but I like to keep at least a portion of the total capacity...
  11. New from Cincinnati

    Im from Amelia/eastgate area. Welcome. We love some Marions pizza when we head to Dayton occasionally. The Skyline/Gold Star debate is pretty intense....some are hardcore fans of one or the other.
  12. What speakers will fit to replace the front door speakers?

    I put in 6.5 Morell coaxs. They sounded a little better than stock but really great after I added a kicker key 200.4. I'm much happier with the XLT sound now. Components may have been a better choice but I didn't feel like messing with the stock dash tweeters.
  13. What's Your ONE Thing?

    A factory equipped auto dimming mirror and integrated garage door opener buttons on the Lariat and XLT Lux packages would be nice. I'd also go for a rubber (non carpet) flooring option across the board of all trims. Any vehicle with the CoPilot 360 pkg should come with rear parking sensors...
  14. Wisconsin Aftermarker Rear View Mirror with Plug and Play Wiring Harness

    I'll take one if you have any left. PM me with payment details please Thanks
  15. Wisconsin Aftermarker Rear View Mirror with Plug and Play Wiring Harness

    Hello. Will these work with a sunroof equipped Maverick? I don't know if there's any difference in the harnesses in the upper console. Thanks!!
  16. Gibson Exhaust sound on 2.0L EcoBoost?

    I would like to know also. I have had a gibson exhaust on a previous 4.0 SOHC Ranger and a 5.4 F150. Both were good quality and good sounding kits.
  17. Dealer Ordered Mavericks in stock?

    That happens often. The listing gets generated automatically somehow by Ford of vehicles arriving at a particular dealership even though they are customer ordered vehicles. Mine showed up on my dealers listing for a day or two then was gone. If you click on the listing and look at the...
  18. Ordered a Maverick 16 months ago and still don’t have a build date

    Agreed. I had the sales number code and dealer ID code memorized for awhile when I was waiting on mine and checking in with Ford chat every couple weeks. I never got a vin until soon before it was scheduled for production.
  19. If you ordered Ford 360 in 2022 - did you get what you expected?

    I was kinda expecting the reverse sensors that beep when you get close to something while backing up in my XLT w/cp 360 but thats my own fault for not reading into exactly what it includes. Everything else is fine with me in the pkg.
  20. The stock XLT sound system is so bad. I’m about to use my BT Speaker lol

    I put in some Morel 6.5 coax speakers in the front doors and added a Kicker Key 200.4 amp with the nice inline harness from Plug & Play kits. This alone drastically improved the sound of my stock XLT system. I wouldn't mind adding some better rear pillar speakers like 4x6s but taking all...