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  1. Maverick Lobo / ST Performance Street Truck Prototype Spied

    The stock Continentals aren’t either. I also didn’t have any traction issues on my Nokian Outpost APTs.
  2. Maverick Lobo / ST Performance Street Truck Prototype Spied

    With the torque management on these trucks the 225s provide enough traction to run deep into the 12s.
  3. New Jersey WTB for fx4 or XLT wheels

    I have a set of light weight staggered wheels without tires for $500 on Long Island. 6 wheels in total but one needs to be repaired and I’m including a bunch of free accessories. https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/fs-ft-staggered-set-of-5-18”-vors-sp1-wheels-500.35335/
  4. Granger Ford - Maverick markup experience

    I had zero surprises with my $3k off Msrp and they went above and beyond to help me. Maybe shoot Zach a PM?
  5. $500 Staggered set of 18” Vors SP1 and free accessories -Long Island, NY

    Also open to selling just the tires for $150
  6. New York $150 225/60r18 Pirelli PZero AS Plus tires

    Good morning, $550 plus shipping from 11727 if you’re not local. This includes a fifth spare wheel. I’m also offering to include the purchase of accessories from Ford using my 36k points. Listing...
  7. New Jersey Savini SVF2 wheels and Tires for sale.

    Beautiful wheels. PM frontrowfred he had expressed interest in these in another thread: https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/savini-svf2-20x9-et40-wheels-with-michelin-pilot-sport-a-s-4-tires-tpms-and-lug-nuts.29565/
  8. Iowa New Voxx Rive Wheels 4-sale

    The 4K tow package calipers are the same. You can even run 17” steelies if you want.
  9. New York Sold: $150 225/60r18 Pirelli PZero AS Plus tires

    225/60r18 Pirelli PZero AS Plus tires with under 100 miles on them. Selling as a set of 4 for $150 plus shipping. Tires will not be dismounted from wheels until payment is received as I’d prefer to sell the wheels & tires together (details in other FS thread). Located in Coram, NY
  10. Looking to buy 2nd set of wheels and tires

    I’m not familiar with those wheels, but I do have a set of lightweight 18” wheels with tires for sale for $550 plus shipping: https://www.mavericktruckclub.com/forum/threads/fs-ft-staggered-set-of-18-inch-vors-sp1-wheels-with-new-tires-550.35335/
  11. TPMS Relearn / Reset?

    You posted it 😆
  12. TPMS Relearn / Reset?

    Did you try to release air from the wheel you’re training?
  13. TPMS Relearn / Reset?

    Fwiw my truck wouldn’t learn the sensors using the hazard method. I needed to use the brake / key cycle mentioned above in post 9.
  14. 305 whp / 342 lb-ft Dyno Numbers from Modified EcoBoost Maverick

    You can get your Maverick into the high 13s for $500.
  15. 305 whp / 342 lb-ft Dyno Numbers from Modified EcoBoost Maverick

    You should be low 13s. Def get some runs before you install the turbo and downpipe.
  16. $1000 OFF MSRP on 2024 Maverick Truck Orders - Granger Ford

    I believe you’re thinking of Chapman in Horsham losing allocations for name mismatch percentage.