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  1. FrontRunner rack and bed rails preview

    Don’t need the bed rack, but definitely interested in a roof mounted rack. Following for info.
  2. Spring Maverick meet at Dominion Raceway in Thornburg

    Update on meetup attendance, unfortunately I am having to postpone my trip due to dental surgery because of a broken tooth. No saving it, extraction is the only option. My appt is on the 25th and the next available is in late May. Sorry about missing, I will catch you all at the next one.
  3. 🤝 List of honest dealerships for Ford Maverick buyers

    Gray-Daniel’s Ford in Brandon, MS. Outstanding initial customer service prior to ordering through final delivery. My salesman, the sales manager, and service manager were all there to advise and answer questions and keep me up-to-date on my Mavericks progress. No gimmicks, markups, no required...
  4. Tremor Maverick offroading at Anza Borrego, Truckhaven, and Ocotillo Wells SVRA

    Love it! Absolutely can't wait to make my CO/UT trip to put it through its' paces. :cool:
  5. A M A C !! (Advanced Middle Age Club)

    Totally agree, I'm 71 and am still active compared to most. 27 years in the army, former teacher and LEO, off-roaded from the NJ Pine Barens to the Rockies: and ride my motorcycle year round. So please don't blanket categorize. Just enjoy your maverick whatever you choose to do and however young...
  6. February Build Month Thread

    More pics, she's sitting on the showroom floor waiting for me to pull the trigger. Working on pulling electronics from the FJ, gonna take a couple days to get everything out and buttoned up. Finalizing on Wednesday. Let the modding begin!
  7. February Build Month Thread

    Well I have been extremely fortunate, my Maverick showed up at the dealership after just 179 days. Loan goes though tomorrow, then it gets its SIBL, fender flares, and hood protector installed by dealer. Trade-in is getting electronics removed and will be surrendered on Wednesday to close the...
  8. February Build Month Thread

    Haven't got it yet, but it's close...Thanks, can't wait to get it and start modding.:cool:
  9. February Build Month Thread

    Dealer gave me my railcar#, ford chat confirmed it and I traced from Tuson to Jackson, MS. Waiting on the truck to get it to the dealership. Train ride took 11 days. Truck from rail ramp yard to dealer, who knows...I'm still waiting? Hope all you Feb built are as lucky. 🙏
  10. Leveled vs Lowered Maverick Side by Side Comparison

    Like the look and stance of lowered, but my needs are different, and lowered doesn't really work with the crappy streets around town. Plus, I wouldn't do it to my Tremor, lowering that is.
  11. Radar Detector with BlendMount and Mirror Tap?

    BlendMount has models for most popular detectors. BlendMount Radar Detector Mounts | Custom Aluminum Mounts
  12. Xtrusion Overland XTR1 Bed Rack released

    Will this rack system work with the RetraxOne MX?
  13. Mabett is selling and developing hundreds of products

    Following this thread. Definately see some purchases when available.
  14. February Build Month Thread

    I know, it took me almost a week to get mine. Fina got it from my dealer and verified it through ford chat. Keep pressing them, you’ll get it eventually. Maybe 🤔.
  15. February Build Month Thread

    You’ll need to get your Railcar # from ford chat or your dealer. Usually available once your vehicle ships. It will be A series of letters then numbers ex. TTGX338467.
  16. February Build Month Thread

    Update: on CSX Railway, left Iona, TX enroute to Memphis, TN then Jackson, MS., ETA 25 March barring any delays. :)
  17. Add Sport Mode to Tremor?

    Cool thanks.