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  1. POLL: Where to go for servicing in OC, CA

    Common knowledge that all dealers are NOT equal or alike. There are 4 local dealers, who would you choose for servicing one's Maverick Comments welcome.
  2. Aftermarket First Edition Decals

    Found First Edition Decals on eBay. Very hard to find (compared to Limited Edition, Special Edition, etc). Came all the way from The Republic of Moldovo via air. I used 3 of 10. 7 left if anyone with a FE wants a pair.
  3. State Fees On PHEV & Full Electric Vehicles

    Currently 30 states are charging additional fees for Plug-In Hybrids & Full Electric Vehicles. Considering some Maverick owners have a Lightening retail order, would you still consider purchasing a PHEV or EV? I live in CA. Governor Newsome signed into law a bill stating that all automotive...
  4. Feature Not Working? Check Owner's Manual First

    Notice a lot of threads/posts regarding various features or things happening like Auto Start/Stop, Remote Start, etc. Question: Did you review the Owner's Manual first before creating a thread/post to answer your inquiry? Most ppl don't. Many (not all) questions & subjects can be answered...
  5. Is it worth having Tailgate Assist Strut? Is it worth having Hood Assist Struts from MRT?

    Looking for input on is it worth having the strut assists for the tailgate and the hood. Seems plausible, but not really necessary, just like Door Window Deflectors. > Ford Accessory: Tailgate Assist is on eternal backorder and DeeZee does not list it (haha, like DUH!)...