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  1. My Q garage app

    I have the MyQ app but it doesn’t show up on Carplay.
  2. This is what’s in store for EV owners

    I got addicted to the instant torque you get with the Electric motors!! We ended up getting an Outlander PHEV for road trips. It’s basically an EV with onboard gas powered generator. Having had HEV and BEV prior the PHEV has been the best fit for our needs but the Maverick is good for road trips...
  3. This is what’s in store for EV owners

    We had a Mach E from July of 21 until November of last year. Loved the car but we decided to sell it because of some long road trips we had planned for this year. Luckily for us we were able to sell it before the market crashed and got most of our money back!
  4. Lower Octane Fuel

    Same here, currently at 9300 miles and fueled up this morning with 87 octane for $3.50 per gallon.
  5. Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating- pretty impressive

    Me too!! I like to apply a coat right before luv bug season which happens for us in May and September.
  6. (Almost) Perfect First Oil Change -- 2022 Maverick XLT Ecoboost 2.0L

    I have done two oil changes on my FX4 and it is doable by just removing the smaller panel up front to get to the oil filter.
  7. If You Weren't a Ford Guy/Gal Why Did You Get a Maverick?

    Never was a Ford guy when it came to Trucks. Prior to this one I owned 2 Chevy and 2 Dodge Trucks. The last one being a Dodge which I kept for 19 years! When I bought that one gas was going for around $1.50 per gallon!!
  8. Screen or hood for Sliding Rear Window to keep out rain?

    Same here!! I leave the rear slider open most of the time! The sunroof and power rear slider window were must haves for us!!
  9. Do your own oil changes (avoid dealer service)!

    Mine is currently at 9200 miles and I’ve done two oil changes and one tire rotation. Haven’t gone back to the dealer for anything and probably wont do the airbag recall.
  10. Is/will your Maverick be your first truck? Are you new to Ford?

    My first Truck was a ‘55 Chevy Stepside but this is my first Ford Truck. I have had a couple Dodge Trucks as well.
  11. Screen or hood for Sliding Rear Window to keep out rain?

    I was cruising around with it open today even though the temperature was in the low 90’s!
  12. Damaged dashboard and trim after airbag- Dealer won't respond now.

    Stories like this are why I continue to defer on the airbag recall! My Glove box is scratched up but I only have my Wife to blame for that!
  13. I Really Dislike The Autohold Feature

    I don’t use it all the time but I will turn it on at times while I’m in city traffic waiting for red lights that take awhile to change. Usually use the auto stop/start feature at the same time so I am not just sitting there wasting gas!!
  14. Has the flipping bubble burst and hood deflector or no?

    So did you decide not to replace it? I liked the way it looked on your Truck but of course it would have been better if they had put it on straight!!! Lol
  15. Thinking of selling ?

    Thinking about selling my house before we get another Hurricane Tax on our homeowners insurance!!!
  16. Has the flipping bubble burst and hood deflector or no?

    I have had mine for 13 months and now has 9200 miles on it. I do have some tiny chips on the hood and windshield as well. Still debating on getting the hood protector but I did apply some ceramic wax just to help get thru the upcoming luv bug season!!!
  17. Log DIY oil changes in the Ford app?

    I recorded my first 2 oil changes on the owners website. Next time I will try this on Fordpass. Thanks for the info!
  18. volksnuts’ Lariat Maverick build

    We moved away from the Dallas area back in 2005 but I remember one summer where we had 40 plus consecutive days over 100 and some of those were over 110 degrees!
  19. Sloooooooooow Moooooooootion Trauma

    We had pizza last night but thankfully no drama and the Maverick was at home safe in our garage!