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  1. Adaptive Cruise dropped on 2023 Lariat

    Toyota has the worst active cruise control on the planet, it’s absolutely horrible.
  2. Hitch trim part NZ6Z-17F000-AB

    Also, see how much it is shipped ($12.54 to me) then return shipping (about $7-8 on average), packaging etc. etc. etc. I can pick them up locally for about $30 after tax IF I can get them. These are not hard to make at all, but using a dremmel may not be optimal. Test fitting how wide around...
  3. Tailgate Lettering Sizes

    Odd, 100% perfect on mine, but if it worked, awesome!
  4. DIY tailgate tiedown that works with tailgate assist strut

    If you are making, I'm buying, post up if you decide to make a bunch!!!
  5. Thermal camera view of my Maverick's heated seats & steering wheel

    That's really cool, thanks for sharing!!!
  6. Clean up area around the trailer hitch

    $69.99, shipped anywhere in the US. Have a couple left, since I posted them in the for sale section for exterior parts they’ve been going.
  7. Clean up area around the trailer hitch

    I have a few of these left.
  8. XLT body color matched side mirrors

    Ah, that makes sense. Got it.
  9. XLT body color matched side mirrors

    My 2023 XLT already HAS body colored mirrors....was that new for 2023?
  10. Tailgate letters on Alto Blue

    I personally love Silver Gray Mettalic Matte on the Gray/Blue Trucks. Complements the wheels as well.
  11. Selling my maverick! 32,000. Sold

    Don’t ever post a vehicle for sale here. People are out of touch with supply and demand. Check Carvana, May give you more than you are asking. And you don’t have to deal with anyone, ridiculously easy.
  12. Trade in/Private Sales prices

    100% Agree. I sold my last vehicle to Carvana, it was the easiest transaction of all time and gave me basically what I was going to ask anyway. Not sure how they make it work, but also don't care.....
  13. Trade in/Private Sales prices

    I sure wouldn't, but that's the trouble. When people ask something similar to that people freak out. Well, a big company will come get it from my driveway with no hassle, so.....
  14. Trade in/Private Sales prices

    Carvana offered me $35,200 for my 2023 XLT Lux, Co-Pilot. But, I would be criminal if I asked that price on this forum....
  15. LED light strips for Bed - Orientation

    I zip tied mine facing down on the end of the fasteners already there for the bed cap on either side. You can not see the lights at all.
  16. Dissapointing MPG for Hybrid at 85MPH

    Who the heck is disappointed with 36mpg at 85mph????? The 33mpg highway figure is generated at a much lower speed, 36mpg is a miracle. The TOP speed used to generate the 33mpg is 80mph, and that's not for very long during the cycle.
  17. Today I joined the tail gate lettering club

    I went gloss.