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  1. How’s your Maverick handling the snow?

    With a lot of people being affected with the current storm hitting the US right now I was curious how your Mavericks are doing with the snow. I have an FX4 with Vredestien Pinza AT 235/65/R17. Very happy I was able to get my wife and I home after having to maneuver around unprepared drivers...
  2. Lasfit Fog lights installed

    Over the weekend I had my brother install some Lasfit 18W Fog lights. We also installed a nilight switch which allows for 6 accessories in total. The lights are mounted on the jjcLLC ditch light brackets. In the future I do want to add a light bar, maybe cargo lights, and an air compressor. This...
  3. Be easy on those Pirelli ATRs

    These boys are soft. Fords diagnosis: excessive cornering Shame since I live up a windy mountain road. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  4. Dealer Add-Ons

    Anyone have some advice on how to get dealers to remove add ons? My Maverick is supposed to arrive this week and my dealer added a bunch of unnecessary extras to mark up the price. vehicle theft protection 595 etch code 385 door guards 199 Lo jack 1295 About 2.5k worth of stuff I don’t want...