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  1. Full Production Beginning in July?

    I agree that dealers will make all the money they can, I'm just not sure people will pay it for the Maverick. It isn't like the Beetle which was much more anticipated by the general public. Over MSRP pricing tends to happen with special editions and very anticipated models. The Bronco was...
  2. Full Production Beginning in July?

    Outside of this little niche, I'm not sure that the Maverick is sufficiently lust-worthy for dealers to put markups on them like they have with some other highly awaited.
  3. Explorer Timberline Provides Clues To Maverick Trim

    Do you mean why would I expect it to come in less than the Bronco Sport Badlands that has the same 2.0 and 4wd? Largely just market placement of the vehicles and seeming that the Timberline package might be less semi-hard core than the Badlands. I wouldnt be shocked at all if the Maverick...
  4. Explorer Timberline Provides Clues To Maverick Trim

    I think it likely will cost more than a base Bronco Sport but less than a Bronco Badlands or a Ranger FX4.
  5. Ford Maverick (Rivian)???

    No. It's based on the same platform as the Escape and Bronco Sport.
  6. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    Another feature I want: Ability to order with or easily add skid plates. I am happy to have a more manageable height vehicle than a jacked up truck/Jeep, but I'd like to be able to add some protection when I'm getting close to the limit of what's a good idea in such a vehicle, otherwise I'd want...
  7. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    Man, I thought I was somewhat ambivalent to AC (though not against it), until I moved to Las Vegas. When it's 115 in the summer, those open windows are just letting the wind convection cook you. I loved in sticky, disgusting DC and would just put the windows down, but this was a different level.
  8. Features : Need/Want/Don't

    I'm not really a features person, if we're talking about features as add ons rather than capacities. Need: Strong AC Want: Android autoplay, a clever cargo management system, cloth seats, vinyl floor option. Don't want: Touch screen climate and volume controls.
  9. What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    I mean, I definitely don't disagree that there are plenty of vehicles out there now that are much more into giving the appearance of ruggedness than being actually rugged. I just think of a lifestyle vehicle as being anything that's designed to be more focused on enabling hobbyist use than...
  10. What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    I don't think that a "lifestyle vehicle" is really an insult. Maybe some tradesmen will pick up the Maverick, but I want one to support my lifestyle. I like to mountain bike, hike, camp, go on long road trips, and explore the ample dirt roads surrounding me. For that you need a bit of ground...
  11. Ford Maverick Pricing Will Start Under $20,000 MSRP

    "In most European countries" meaning "Within most European countries." So if I live in GB, the tax I pay when buying something isn't going to be different if I do it in Corwall or Orkney. Where I live now in Southern Nevada, I pay different sales tax here vs. CA vs. AZ vs. UT, all of which I can...
  12. Ford Maverick Pricing Will Start Under $20,000 MSRP

    In most European countries the tax is consistent, so it's pretty easy to know how much you're giving the government. Heck I know more EU Value Added Tax rates than I do US state rates as they're just more consistent. I don't think people are unaware of the tax rates. It's just easier if they're...
  13. Ford Maverick Pricing Will Start Under $20,000 MSRP

    Tax makes a bit more sense to me on nationally advertised prices as it varies by location in the US. I'd prefer tax inclusive prices in stores though. Destination bothers me as you can't get it without the fee. In the Target example, you can go into the store and buy it at the price...
  14. More accurate Ford Maverick pickup rendering based off factory leaked pic

    Mine...does not inspire. It's gotten the job done thought with no issues so far though. It's actually the 2.5L that the 2.0L replaced, so not directly comparable. Now if they said that they were going to put my Transit Connect's transmission in the Maverick, then I'd be worried. It also hasn't...
  15. Ford Maverick Pricing Will Start Under $20,000 MSRP

    Ford Authority again reporting that the Maverick is still targeting a sub 20k starting price. I suspect that won't include the unremovable destination fee, as that's how Ford seems to advertise prices, so I think it's a bit disingenuous, but it's still a good sign that they're trying to keep the...
  16. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    I admit that I'm keeping an eye on prices of pre-facelift Ridgelines and hoping that everyone wants the new ones. I'll take the added visibility of the sloping hood rather the butcher looks of the new one.
  17. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    Ooops, I swear that your post said rwd. Sorry! In any case, I think you'll be happier as I am pretty confident that there will be a FWD version.
  18. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    Well I will hope for your sake that a RWD version hits the block. :)
  19. Maverick competitors: What will you be cross-shopping?

    I found it really interesting in the "Make or Break Specs" thread to see all the different ways folks wanted to configure/use the Maverick. It made me wander what other vehicles you thought that you'd be cross shopping as I expect there is a spectrum. For me: Tier 1: New Ranger (if it comes in...
  20. What will be the make or break specs for you on the Maverick?

    I strongly suspect that the bed will not be 48 wide between the wheel wells. If they're clever, they'll do something like Jeep did on the Gladiator where they flattened off the wheel well covers in the bed and then made an intermediate position for the tailgate so that you can put full width...