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  1. Ford Flexbed Trademark Filing Suggests New Tech Coming To Pickups Ford Flexbed Trademark Filing Suggests New Tech Coming To Pickups by Edward Snitkoff February 22, 2021, 5:54 pm A new Ford Motor Company trademark filing suggests that Ford might be...
  2. Maverick size

    I'm just glad the Maverick is going to have a sliding rear window...
  3. Maverick size

    Bronco Sport over Maverick Testing Mule Maverick Testing Mule in front of Ranger
  4. AWD Ford Maverick Prototype Caught Testing + Independent Rear Suspension

    Thank you...great news. This will allow my idea of the lifts they are offering for the Bronco Sport. From the videos ive seen of the Bronco Sport the AWD will be more than capable of any of the off-roading i plan to do.
  5. All New Ford Models to Feature Android OS From 2023

    Yes i understand that its the OS only. I also know that Google & Apple don't play nice so i was wondering. I didn't see anything regarding Apple Carplay in the press release. Thanks for the helpful info.
  6. Two Door Single Cab

    Dear FoMoCo, If your listening to these owners that are wanting a single cab please take note of the used market... This just showed up on my facebook: 2000 Ford Ranger Single Cab, Almost 149K Miles, Almost $6K...
  7. All New Ford Models to Feature Android OS From 2023

    I'm thinking it will start in the upper tier vehicles & will trickle down to all vehicles after. So to your point id think the first year & maybe 2nd year models will still have Sync. Im fine with either as long as Apple Carplay is also an option. Also it wouldn't surprise me if its branded...
  8. More accurate Ford Maverick pickup rendering based off factory leaked pic

    Id like to think if we all go sit in a Bronco Sport it will give us a great idea of what the Maverick will be like B pillar forward. The dashboard looks like it will be a hodge podge of the Bronco Sport/Escape. The windshield angle & seat height should be closer to the Bronco Sport id think.
  9. More accurate Ford Maverick pickup rendering based off factory leaked pic

    Decent render & better than anything i could do. Like that the actual model on the production line & the bare metal photos show more pronounced front & rear fenders. Also pretty sure that the actual grill will not look like that. See the leaked 2022/2023 Ranger grill for what i think would be...
  10. Two Door Single Cab

    I read the theory the other day that since sales were dwindling manufactures decided they could cut cost & make more money by only offering crew cab models. Its a conspiracy theory, but we all know that manufactures are all about making money first & anything else second. I do think that there...
  11. All New Ford Models to Feature Android OS From 2023

    Hope this doesn't mean they wont have an Apple Carplay option...
  12. Junk in the trunk?

    You are right. My bad. The Ranger & Tacoma can be higher. That is my fault. You can get the Ranger Lariat loaded for around that price in this area if you drive out of the city. I forgot the Tacoma had a Limited & TRD Pro versions. Was thinking it stopped with the TRD Off Road. I doubt...
  13. Maverick size

    Sounds good. That’s what I get for believing Google results.
  14. Power Train Guesses?

    Not posting for politics, but for the idea that since Ford no longer makes cars [except Mustang] in the US would an electric Marverick made in Mexico fall under this criteria?
  15. Junk in the trunk?

    No disrespect, but i think the Honda Ridgeline has a stigma that's in the minds of the average buyer. I know that multiple auto magazines/websites love it. It seems most owners love it. We all know you can drive a Honda forever. In the mind of a "truck" buyer: I think the look of it isn't...
  16. Junk in the trunk?

    Let me add that i have been impressed with all the videos & reports on the Bronco Sport AWD with GOAT mode & what it has been capable of. It seems they have beat that thing & so far it seems to be taking most of it.
  17. Junk in the trunk?

    I think Ford knows that the Maverick/Bronco Sport will spend 95% of their lives on pavement. The AWD makes more sense for these type of vehicles. Unfortunately gone are the days of people taking their 80's/90's small truck true off-roading, mudding, etc... This truck's target demographic is...
  18. Two Door Single Cab

    Makes complete sense. Not trying to give false hope. Its not for me, but id like everyone to get what they want, but in todays market we all know that is usually slim & none. Ford is going to do what's best & inexpensive for them.
  19. Junk in the trunk?

    This is just for humor... ...but i think some people would be ok if the Maverick looked like this.