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  1. New Maverick Render, Happy Friday!

    Looks good!
  2. Ford Dealer Salesman Info

    The sales people are well aware of the new Maverick Truck, they just have to get their information from the "outside".
  3. Ford Dealer Salesman Info

    Stopped at my local Ford Dealer today and asked about any knowledge that had on the New Maverick Pickup. They admitted that they do not know anything other than what is available online. In fact the sales person recommended a web site to get the latest info, it was "mavericktruckclub". So it...
  4. 400 Post Milestone!

    Has any one from FORD expressed an interest in this site yet?
  5. What will the trim levels be called?

    Sounds like a reasonable explanation of the trim levels. I would like a XL trim level with a manual transmission. That is the only thing that I missed with my current Ranger.
  6. Ford Maverick Unibody Fully Revealed!

    Looks more useful than the Jeep Gladiator bed, That bed has side walls that are very very short and only fit enough for something that lays down flat. If you have any size of taller cargo you need to tie it down or it will fall out.