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  1. JVolpe

    Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Renderings / Photoshop

    New one from car and driver.
  2. JVolpe

    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup Truck leaked look from Hermosillo factory!

    Agreed much more in your face front end than the Ranger actually. I think it's cuz the corners and headlights are more square and don't curve away as dramatically. Also the headlights being much bigger gives it a stronger look.
  3. JVolpe

    Do you think this truck will be like the bronco sport?

    I think there will be some cross over in terms of engine, suspension and possibly other parts but as far as design goes it should be very different. I agree with Serge that the different nameplate ensures it will be very distinct. Even the Bronco and Bronco Sport have very distinct design. The...
  4. JVolpe

    Ford Maverick Spy Photos

    I get the camper shell making it look bigger but why does it look so stretched (wheelbase) also? Really looks huge here, as big if not bigger than Ranger, at least in these photos.
  5. JVolpe

    Ford Maverick Pickup Truck Renderings / Photoshop

    I know it won't wear the Bronco badge but I think the last renderings with the Bronco Sport front end look the best so far. I can live with the first (blue) one too though.