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  1. Time to change

    I think that it will be more to your liking than the last two models (2000 to current). I am looking forward to moving over from my current 2002 model.
  2. Newbie To The Pickup Lifestyle

    Being a 4 door truck. there is always the back seat area to put stuff, unless you have a 3+ family,
  3. All New Ford Models to Feature Android OS From 2023

    I'd be happier if it came with an infotainment center delete option. I can read maps, listen to FM stations and turn my "electronics" off when driving.
  4. Maverick size

    Having a "no rear seat" would be great. Only thing going back there are grocery bags or Basset Hounds. If not an option, I wonder how hard it would be to remove the seat.
  5. Maverick size

    Never under estimate the interior size of smaller vehicles. I've been an econobox owner since 1989, with Ford Festivas, Scion Xb 1st Gen., and Nissan Cubes. At 6 ft and at least 250# the small cars offered more head and leg room for me that most SUV and larger cars that I tried. I assume that...