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  1. How to check if wheels have TPMS Sensors?

    TPMS is a headache and costs unnecessary money. Just disable the damn thing and drive old school!
  2. RadMan Maverick XLT FX4 vs. a Speed Bump: The Ultimate Off-Roading Challenge!

    Fantastic job on the Mav and video editing! I nearly spit up my coffee multiple times throughout this masterpiece. Prayers and best wishes to your Sis. 👍
  3. If they made a full EV Maverick, would you buy, switch?

    NO WAY! I love my carbon too much.
  4. XLT Best Seat Covers?

    Mabett Seat Covers have been excellent and look great.
  5. Mabett seat covers installed photos

    Looks like you have your armrest cover on backwards. Otherwise, nice job!
  6. Another Mabett Seat Cover Install

    Maverick Seat Covers
  7. Another Mabett Seat Cover Install

    This is the only option that I'm aware of.
  8. Another Mabett Seat Cover Install

    I would assume so but they probably wouldn't be as efficient since the heat would have to travel through 2 layers of material.
  9. Another Mabett Seat Cover Install

    You just have to work it in with your hands and pull the velcro straps up tight to keep it taught. The velcro straps at the top and bottom get attached to the back of the seat, they do not strap downward. I hope I'm not misunderstanding you.
  10. Another Mabett Seat Cover Install

    Yes they do.
  11. Another Mabett Seat Cover Install

    These fit really well and give it a great OEM look. Definitely worth the $250.
  12. Real world fuel mileage MPG results by 2.0 EcoBoost owners - check in here

    5500 miles with AWD, 4K, (245/65/17 AT) and getting 23 city.
  13. Did they move the PCV on the '23s?

    Sadly I just tried to install these and they didn’t fit properly. I will be returning them.
  14. Did they move the PCV on the '23s?

    You could try these and the connectors appear much more robust... https://www.uprproducts.com/upr-plug-n-play-pcv-snap-fitting-45-angle-for-oil-catch-can-3-8-1-2-5-8/
  15. Did they move the PCV on the '23s?

    You will need to insert your hand where I marked below and then it will be up and slightly to your left. You will feel the rigid hose and will need to press the clip as you pull it off of each elbow. BE CAREFUL because the clips break easy. If you break the clip, you will have to get a...
  16. Here's my custom Maverick ST version (from 2022 MavericK XLT EcoBoost) since Ford doesn't make one yet

    Stellar work! Now you just have to replace the chrome emblems with a custom painted HPR/Black theme and black out the front grill bar and it would be complete. (y)
  17. Best accessory/mod under $100?

    Wireless Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.
  18. Reasons You Purchased EcoBoost Instead of Hybrid

    So I could chew up and spit out TACOS everyday! :ROFLMAO: