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  1. RadMan Maverick XLT FX4 vs. a Speed Bump: The Ultimate Off-Roading Challenge!

    That was absolutely great, @RadMav. Extremely well done. I pray that your sister continues her winning ways against the affliction.
  2. Cavity Wax/Spray for Rust Prevention

    Hello fellow Mav owners from the rust-belt (SE Wisconsin here). As winter approaches, I've been considering giving my Mav's doors a treatment of DINITROL or other lanolin-based product, applied through the door drain holes in order to stave off rusting of the doors as long as possible. The...
  3. Did they move the PCV on the '23s?

    That's disappointing. I'm on the road for work and was planning to attempt it when I return home. I guess I'll skip it and run with the original fittings. Thanks for the update.
  4. Did they move the PCV on the '23s?

    I ordered a pair. I'll report back with details. Thanks for your help!
  5. Did they move the PCV on the '23s?

    Have any of you found a source for the quick disconnect fittings on the ends of the 6AN factory hose that fits these ports? I can find plenty of the "clean side" 10AN fittings, but I can only find the entire hose with connectors (Ford part # KCV-332) for the "dirty side". I'd rather not have to...
  6. Did they move the PCV on the '23s?

    Thanks so much for your help! This was very useful guidance. And that's a great pic of those ports. I tried getting some shots of my own, but none turned out quite so clear and bright.
  7. Did they move the PCV on the '23s?

    I'm trying to find the dirty side hose to install an oil catch can. I've removed the cold air intake tube, and I've searched around looking for the PCV to throttle body hose, but I can't for the life of me find it. Here's a photo of the engine bay with cold air tube removed. Can someone here...
  8. Connectors for "Clean Side" Oil Catch Can

    I've ordered an extra set of 10AN hose and fittings. I suspect that 10AN (5/8" inside diameter) can be used on the dirty side with no consequence. I'll be sure to post back here once I know the facts based on my installation. Thanks again for your replies to my questions. I appreciate your time!
  9. Connectors for "Clean Side" Oil Catch Can

    Appreciate the info, sir. As I sort through the details in preparation to tackle this installation, I've become confused by one issue. Looking at the parts I have on hand, the blue connectors seem impossibly too large to fit 6AN hose, which is what I think is supposed to be used on the dirty...
  10. Connectors for "Clean Side" Oil Catch Can

    What kit is that, @Dodeboost? I like that mounting bracket concept. That's the piece of the puzzle I haven't yet solved. I'm currently planning to do something like what @CubanRedneck did in his DIY assembly detailed HERE. And here's a better link to the one that didn't work for you...
  11. Connectors for "Clean Side" Oil Catch Can

    @Dodeboost - What style of connections did you use on the can-end of your hoses? My hose kits came with fittings I was intending to use, but I think a hose clamp with a 3/8 NPT-10AN hose barb like THIS might be a simpler solution. Not sure which is less apt to leak.
  12. Connectors for "Clean Side" Oil Catch Can

    Thanks for your reply, @Dodeboost. The item in the link you provided sure looks to have identical connectors to the dirty side hose. I think I'll order parts for quick disconnect clean side hose and see how it works. Given your experience, I suspect it'll work well. Once I'm satisfied with my...
  13. Connectors for "Clean Side" Oil Catch Can

    The photos below show a replacement "clean side" vent hose along with a connector for the "dirty side" hose, both of which I've purchased in preparation for a DIY double catch can installation. My understanding is that the clean side hose is difficult to remove without breaking the connectors...
  14. Door molding....

    @Skyline - Good idea with using a level to find the height that sticks furthest out. I think the reason for the 3/4" difference is that the body lines aren't parallel, and the extra 3/4" splits the difference between the angles. Just spit-balling it with that theory. I went with their...
  15. Door molding....

    Here's the Dawn Enterprises door molding in Cactus Gray. The color match is perfect and I think it looks pretty decent. However, if you look closely you'll discover that I'm a bumbling idiot. If you install these, read the labels and make sure you put the driver's side front piece on the...
  16. Catch Can Install - Loose Connectors?

    @CubanRedneck - Can you offer any guidance on my question above? Appreciate the write-up, sir! @Mul'sMav - Sorry about the thread hijack here. Hopefully your original question was adequately answered.
  17. Catch Can Install - Loose Connectors?

    I ordered some Amazon parts per these instructions: https://cubanredneck.com/ford-maverick-oil-catch-can/ The 6AN kit referenced there is no longer av available, so I ordered this one: https://a.co/d/6X5oEg0 Hopefully that works as planned. The only part I'm unsure of at this point is the...
  18. Catch Can Install - Loose Connectors?

    Here's the one I'm considering for a DIY build: https://a.co/d/co5KJJA It shows an internal filter in the pics.
  19. Catch Can Install - Loose Connectors?

    @Mul'sMav - What kit did you install? I'm torn over whether to make a DIY kit or buy one with all parts included. I'm also undecided whether to put one on both clean and dirty sides or just the dirty side. I know next to nothing about this stuff, so it's a nearly arbitrary choice to me.