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  1. Was going to build a subwoofer enclosure, but...

    ...found these and went the lazy route. Two pioneer shallow 10s from my previous daily to plug the holes.
  2. Tremor Off Road Chops! - Colorado Road 160 to Hermit Lake

    Less than 3 weeks after taking delivery of my '23 Lariat Tremor and I put her to the test. Didn't capture the worst of it as I was focused on wheel placement and dodging suitcase size rocks, but anyone familiar with CR 160 outside of Westcliffe, CO can verify, it's a rough go. "The road has...
  3. Bull Horns?

    My current daily driver has logged 48 states, but she's aging out of the road trip profession and is being replaced with a '23 Tremor...question is...might I be the first person to put bull horns on a Maverick? :LOL: