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  1. Father and Son Mavericks are in the driveway

    We ordered two Maverick XLT Lux 360 BAP trucks during the September order period. My son's is Atlas Blue, mine is Hot Pepper Red, otherwise identical. His was built one day before mine and arrived 4 days earlier than mine. Had a great experience at Portsmouth Ford, Portsmouth New Hampshire. Port...
  2. Eligible for X-Plan, 2 Mavericks in shipping

    My Mavericks, (one for me, one for my son) have been built and are shipped. I started looking for a X-Plan code for my company, a billion dollar IT services company. I found out that they had let the qualification expire in 2016. Talked to HR and just learned today it's been renewed. So how much...
  3. Dealer Ordered Mavericks in stock?

    Ford is showing several identical except for color Mavericks in stock at Imperial Ford. How does that happen when we haven't got our Maverick orders yet? https://shop.ford.com/inventory/maverick/results?zipcode=01756&Radius=20&Order=Distance&intcmp=show-si
  4. Did you leave a deposit with your dealer for your order?

    It seems a lot of people left a deposit at their dealer with their order, my dealer didn't require one. I'd like to find out how many people made a deposit. Results will be posted here in an update. Thank you. UPDATE: Survey link removed. I didn't realize Survey Monkey now charges to see more...
  5. Food for thought

    Update: Edited 1/31/2023 No this post does not address the 2022 rollovers which quite frankly probably couldn't have been handled worse other than to tell customers, "Sorry we didn't get to yours, but you can go to your dealer and try again by placing another order. Good luck next year." I'm...
  6. Another UTE available?

    In another thread there is a discussion if the Maverick is a UTE or a pickup. For anyone who needs a UTE to hold them until they get finally get your Maverick, you can build one of these for less than 10K donor vehicle included. https://www.smythkitcars.com/
  7. Digital Rear View Mirror option?

    My Chevy Traverse High Country has a digital (screen) inside rear view mirror which uses a camera in the rear hatch. I love it because it eliminates the blind spots from the C pillars, as well as doesn't need the rear window defrosted to see out. Does the Maverick have an option for this? I...
  8. Maverick Acronym Definitions

    4WD = Four Wheel Drive (selectable) ACC = Adaptive cruise control ADM: Additional Dealer Mark-up AEV- All-electric vehicle. A vehicle that is powered entirely by electricity as opposed to a hybrid AWD = All Wheel Drive (not selectable) BAP - Black Appearance Package BEV- Battery Electric...
  9. Will we ever be able to add back the WiFi hotspot?

    I know the hotspots were deleted because of the chip shortage. If we ever catch up on chip production, will Ford sell us the missing hotspot module for $20?
  10. Can you see your 2023 order online at ford.com

    I created an account using the email address where I received my order confirmation email. It doesn't show any orders. Has anyone got this to work?
  11. Ordered two Mavericks today. First dealer fell on their face, second was great.

    We decided to order two Mavericks, one for me, and one for my college freshman son. I registered my interest on the Ford site Saturday night. We left for the dealership (Bill Dube Dover NH) just before noon, and on the way, I got a text from the rep and I called back to say we were on our way...
  12. Looking for a recommendation for a salesperson to order a 2023 Maverick in Seacoast NH

    Looking for someone experienced with the Ford order system. Don't want some kid who has been there three months.
  13. Which 2023 Mavericks will be flat-towable?

    FYI: Flat towing is towing a vehicle behind a motorhome via a base plate mounted behind the vehicle's bumper. This is attached to a tow bar inserted in the RV's receiver hitch. Most vehicles cannot be flat towed without transmission damage but many can. ---------------------------- According to...