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  1. ORYX T9 Soft Roll Tonneau Cover Installation - What am I doing wrong?!

    https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B0B4VFTV2P?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details I watched a few videos, and I read the instructions, I don't get where I'm going wrong here.. The front of the cover (towards the cab) fits perfectly fine, everything lines up. At the back of the cover (near the...
  2. One Pedal Driving (like Tesla) possible?

    Is there any changes or settings I can change (maybe using forscan) to make the Mav go into full regen as I let off the gas? Essentially acting like a tesla where coasting doesn't really happen unless you let off the gas pedal to a sweet spot.
  3. How to check if wheels have TPMS Sensors?

    I had bought some wheels/tires and am not sure if they have TPMS sensors. What's the easiest way to check?
  4. Discounts

    Does anyone know what (if any) discounts are available to us in Canada? I heard there is no more loyalty discount. What about farm bureau? Anything else I can look into? Thanks.
  5. TPMS Sensors recommendations?

    Hi there I'm eventually going to upgrade my wheels/tires and want to know which TPMS sensors are good bang for your buck for the maverick? I've heard someone mentioned aftermarket ones off ebay, but I can't seem to track down the best ones. Thanks HDave
  6. Minimalist Fender Flare

    Hi I'm looking for the most minimal fender flares available, Air Design are the smallest I've seen to date. Is there anything more minimal out there that you guys are aware of? If not, do you guys think some sort of custom matte black sticker over the area would work? or be stupid and wear...
  7. HDave's Hybrid Build

    I decided to start my own build thread. I'll summary my mods in this post and detail them out moving forward. Done ✅ - 35% tint on the front windows - Stock XLT wheels with winter tires - Cubby organizer Future ⏱ - Tailgate letters - Tailgate assist - Window visors - Bed mat - Tonneau cover -...
  8. Are these rusted beyond repair?

    Is it worth spray painting over these? Sanding and painting? Or just sell it cheap? EDIT: Sorry for the confusion. These are off my old 2012 Lexus CT and have nothing to do with the Maverick.
  9. Speed up order to delivery time

    Hi I placed an order for a '24 Lariat Hybrid. I understand the spray in bedliner will delay my order, so it is recommended to have to dealer drop that and do it themselves. Is this essentially asking the dealer to take a hit and give me free spray in bedliner? Is there a cost difference doing...
  10. Winter/Summer Tips

    Hi I'm new to this truck and winder if there are any small mods or changes we can make between winter and summer to increase efficiency? For example, in my old CT200h, I could put some carboard or foam to cover the front grille in the winter which would allow the gas engine to not have to turn...
  11. First chip in wheel paint

    Took off to Atlanta for work, came back to a couple chips on my wheel. (I should have known better, my dad always hits curbs.) Recommendation? Touch up paint + touch up clear?
  12. Hybrid Battery Remaining Charge

    I poked around with the menus and also did a search here but can't find this info. While driving, how do I find out how much of my hybrid battery is currently charged/depleted/used? I wish the driving screen would show it but there is no checkbox for it.
  13. Hi from Toronto, Canada

    Hi Everyone! New guy here from Toronto, ON, Canada! I placed an order for a 2023 2024 XLT Hybrid with Luxury Package. I chose Colony Ford in Brampton since they were the only dealer that had a Maverick available for test drive in west GTA. The total cost is 46,900 CAD (36,200 base, 2,900...