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  1. TC 2 inch lift kit tire recommended size.

    I'm curious what size tires people have went with after getting the Rough Country 2 inch lift strut kit. It recommends 245/70R17. I have the FX4 that came with Pirelli Scorpion 225/65R17 ATR. I want to keep the rims. I have ordered 245/70R17 Scorpion All Terrains Plus. I don't know too much...
  2. 23C04 Trailer Trailamp Recall

    Has anyone tried to fix this on their own? I work at a Ford dealership and can't get any info on when they will have the fix. It's very frustrating because I got the 4k towing because I have a trailer to tow... obviously. I tried to splice a wire from my drivers side tail light to the 7 pin...