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  1. So let the 2024 Production build date changes begin

    Our 2024 Lariat Hybrid originally scheduled for Oct 16 was updated over the weekend to Oct 23rd. So far the second order has stayed at Oct 30th. Anyone else seeing any changes?
  2. 2023-24 Rollover Private Offer & Farm Bureau Discounts

    Has anyone been able to confirm their private offer with their Ford dealership for the 23 rollover private offers. I just chatted in with Ford and then called Ford Marketing. They were able to validate the Farm Bureau $500 discount on the order but not the private offer. Ordered a 23 Lariat...
  3. Ford Repair Parts

    So my son came home today with his 22 Maverick XLT FX4 AWD. Someone had backed into his truck. Of course no note. Has a cracked rear tail light, the bumper cover has a huge indentation on the drivers side corner and the rear quarter panel has a ding in it. Just wondered where you would suggest...
  4. 2023-2024 Maverick Keypad

    My dealer just reached out and offered to add the SECURICODE KEYLESS ENTRY KEYPAD to our 24 Lariat. Build is scheduled for Oct 16th. They want $230 for the option plus install. How does the functionality of this dealer installed keypad differ from the Ford factory keypad on the earlier model...
  5. Ford Account updates

    I've been watching my Ford account to see when and if the Mavericks we have on order would ever show up. Well today they did. Along with the VINS and tracking links. The 23 order never did show up so I guess you have to be scheduled for production before that happens.
  6. Two Lariat Hybrids scheduled for build

    Was really surprised this afternoon when I received a second production scheduled email from Ford. We ordered the second truck from Granger as a new 24 order for my daughter. Our 23 rollover is scheduled for build Oct 16 and the new Granger order is scheduled for Oct 30th. Both are Lariat...
  7. Rail car tracking from Hermosillo, to central Texas

    I finally received a build date for the new Maverick. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction for tracking the rail car shipment from Hermosillo, to the central Texas area. Dealer is in Austin. Thank you.
  8. Maverick Hybrid Baseplate Installer in Austin or Round Rock, TX area?

    Would any of you happen to know a reputable baseplate installer in the Austin or Round Rock, TX area? Plan to flat tow our Maverick behind our motorhome. Thank you.
  9. 2024 Ford Maverick in Terrain Color

    I thought I saw a post on this subject yesterday. But today it seems to have disappeared. https://fordauthority.com/2023/08/2024-ford-maverick-in-terrain-first-real-world-photos/
  10. Maverick Rack mounted boat

    Greetings all. We would like to be able to haul a small fishing boat on the Maverick hybrid being towed behind our motorhome. Was looking at inflatables with a small outboard but not sure I want to take the time to inflate and deflate at every use. Any of you hauled a small lightweight fishing...
  11. 2023-24 Ford Maverick vs 2024 Ford Ranger

    We've been kind of holding out for our 23 Maverick Hybrid Lariat Lux order. But started watching some of the newly released videos of the 2024 Ranger. You have to have the Maverick Hybrid to flat tow and the 4x4 Ranger to do the same thing. We can pull either one behind our motorhome. Other than...
  12. Found a couple of Unicorns today....but

    They both come with a premium 10K dealer markup. So much for the affordable small truck.
  13. Ford account website errors

    Anyone had any luck with getting the details link to work under your Ford account on Fords website? Our order appears to be unscheduled at this point.
  14. Tracking Maverick 2023 Deliveries?

    So his there a place on this forum to track actual 2023 deliveries? Will be exciting to see those posted as they come rolling in.
  15. Question about build date and delivery

    A dealer called my son yesterday about a 22 Mav xlt that had "just come off the truck" When I look at the build date on the windows sticker it shows 08 23 22 in the same field as the Special order number at the bottom of the sticker. Am I reading this correctly? Does it really take that long...
  16. Change in Climate Controls

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before but has anyone noticed how Ford has changed up the climate controls. There is no longer a digital temperature readout on the dual zone controls. Just watched a Youtube video from the redneck garage on how he swapped out the part and updated the codes to...
  17. Portable Truck Bed Hoist

    Greetings all, We plat to flat tow a Maverick behind our motorhome. I also plan to cart along a Suzuki 9.9 HP 4 cycle and inflatable boat in the truck bed. The engine and boat both weigh about 110 lbs each. I'm not as young as I used to be for lifting these. Any suggestions for a portable hoist...