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  1. Fast Mavericks Intercooler Pipe Upgrade for 2.0L EcoBoost

    It’s been a long year since I started this little side business and it wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. You put your trust and hard earned money in the hands of a nobody and together we’ve done some cool things for this platform. Starting off with a group buy for Liveronis...
  2. Fast Mavericks Intercooler Pipe Upgrade for 2.0L EcoBoost

    The first batch is ready and they are beautiful. Unfortunately, this first batch is all spoken for but I will order another batch along with more intercoolers soon. Thanks to those of you who made this possible by joining the presale. Here’s a little sneak peek.
  3. Brembos Installed

    The color is what made me switch to these after seeing one in person. The pictures make them look lighter.
  4. Brembos Installed

    Once they are installed I’ll try a wheel from my dads Lariat.
  5. Brembos Installed

    4. They are 2016 Focus RS Brembos. A pair of new calipers is under $400 on eBay.
  6. Brembos Installed

    So I got time install the brackets and bolt everything up and they officially fit. It’s tight on 18 inch wheel so 17s are out of the question. Once I get the other side I can road test it and if everything is good I will have a batch made. Now for your viewing pleasure.
  7. 305 whp / 342 lb-ft Dyno Numbers from Modified EcoBoost Maverick

    I'ts hard to say since the stock system is actually pretty good. I'd spend the money on a tuner before anything else which will net the best results for the money.
  8. 305 whp / 342 lb-ft Dyno Numbers from Modified EcoBoost Maverick

    My good friend and client Mr. T Gizma got his truck on the rollers today and made some solid numbers. 2.0 AWD S&B Intake Fast Mavericks Intercooler Liveronis E30 tune 3 pulls on a Stingy Mustang Dyno: 305 whp / 330 lb-ft torque 300 whp / 342 lb-ft torque 299 whp / 336 lb-ft torque Next up...
  9. 2023 Maverick Lariat BAP lowered on Eibach springs + Falken tires + Konig wheels

    I installed Silvers and the 60 sidewall was too much so I swapped to 55s and tried out a different wheel. I hadn’t seen a Maverick with these but I actually like them better.
  10. 2.3 Maverick Modified Performance Build: Upgraded Turbo, downpipe, electric cutout, intercooler, intake, coilovers

    This is what the Banks gauge reads which I wouldn’t take too serious but also can’t be that far off.
  11. 2.3 Maverick Modified Performance Build: Upgraded Turbo, downpipe, electric cutout, intercooler, intake, coilovers

    In preparation for the Brembo brakes, I got a deal on some new wheels that would show off the brakes a little better. I also went from a 60 to 55 sidewall which sit better with the coilovers. I actually like these wheels much better and the tire size is better suited for Low version Silvers...
  12. Finished bumper exit exhaust

    Finally had time to build the fender exit correctly. Instead of cutting the end and installing a 90, my fabricator built a complete rear section so the angle was correct. Turned out better than expected although I may still change the trim bezel. On to the pictures!
  13. Max boost with CTR57

    In case anyone is wondering what the CTR57 makes. 23 psi max boost and I could be wrong but the MAP sensor might be maxed out.
  14. Front Brembo Brakes Kit coming soon

    These are DOT approved, low expansion, PTFE hose reinforced with a 304 SS braid and a PVC jacket. They will work fine. 🙂
  15. Front Brembo Brakes Kit coming soon

    Just got the first prototype so we’re one step closer. I need to install to make sure everything clears before he makes the other side. Then I will test them out while I get quotes to manufacture them. My builder is a retired Mechanical Engineer who worked at Rocketdyne for 40 years so I know...
  16. 12.4s @ 111mph Run Video

    I appreciate the words but calling us “Heros” is an insult to those in the military serving out country, firemen, police officers, teachers, etc. Those are real heros. Don’t know about John, but I’m just a knuckle head with a car obsession. 😉
  17. 12.4s @ 111mph Run Video

    I mean ordinary for any turbo car. Other than the engine swap, Intake, exhaust, turbo, intercooler, and tune. I didn’t discover anything new. Any gas station with E85, you mix with 91.
  18. 12.4s @ 111mph Run Video

    2.3 engine out of a Corsair.
  19. 12.4s @ 111mph Run Video

    I’m in Ventura County
  20. Front Brembo Brakes Kit coming soon

    That’s a valid question and one of the things that i will have test on first set. Our stock brakes are a decent size already so I’m hoping it’s not too much adjustment needed if any at all. From what I’ve read the Focus ST guys that upgrade to the RS brakes don’t need anything. I have been...