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  1. DIY Quarter Panel Replacement - So Fun

    Would love to see the video on this. Please update!
  2. Tremor VS FX4 for those who've driven BOTH!

    Driven both. The Tremor was superior
  3. Real world Maverick Tremor MPG -- What's yours?

    So far I have driven about 200 miles. But my computer (dash) is stating I have gotten 17.1 MPG
  4. Tow hitch cam! ==> Put tailgate in 1/2 open position

    Lol, such as easy fix, but NO, i was unaware. Thanks for the info!

    I agree with this 100%. I see a lot of misleading screenshots of "one off" trips or people claiming 50mpg on the regular. In reality a normal driver will get between 30-40 mpg on the regular basis. We also have the people that pussyfoot it in the 30 MPH range everywhere just to keep the truck...
  6. [SOLD] For Sale: 235/65/17 Falken Wildpeaks AT3W

    Cant ship man, sorry. It costs a ton!
  7. [SOLD] For Sale: 235/65/17 Falken Wildpeaks AT3W

    Hey all, I'm about to take possession of a Tremor with the upgraded 235/45/17 All terrain tires. They will be brand new from Ford Factory. I am immediately starting a project with the Maverick so these will have to go. Let me know if you are interested.
  8. EGR Fender Flare Installed

    Do you have a lift on the truck? and is there any rubbing?
  9. EGR Fender Flare Installed

    The Air design fender flares NOT having the "splice" on the fronts (where the fender meets the bumper) is the reason I am hesitant to purchase the air designs... If you have to remove the bumper, its seems like you will have a disaster on your hands
  10. Flated Inflatable Topper for Maverick

    Yes on this, also maybe price reduction considering this to be compared to an inflatable pool.
  11. Update: 2024 order bank system now open & accepting dealer submissions! Post your build

    I got my confirmation yesterday evening. I kept my build very simple in hopes in avoiding any constraints. Even though I really wanted to add the spray in bedliner, but I opted not to. I found this kit on amazon https://amzn.to/3I6UlxB + there are easy how to's on youtube, looks great...
  12. 3600 Miles Road Trip: NorCal, Oregon Coast, Idaho w/ camping, mud & stream crossings, dunes, beaches, forest roads

    Nice! And that whole adventure was on the stock tires! Good choice though on the Falken Wildpeaks. I have been seriously impressed with them on my Mav
  13. 2024 Maverick Price List (MSRP/Invoice Pricing) - All Models / Options

    Yup, looking at my prior build sheet, it looks like the hybrid base is about $4k more for 2024
  14. Protection skids / rock sliders for Off-roading and Desert Crawling?

    Dang! this is what I am afraid of. So far we've been good, but someones gotta come up with some better protection options
  15. Maverick Tremor Off-Road Test: More Fun Than It Should Be

    I DO NOT approve of the Title. "more fun than it should be"... and he mentions in the video that the maverick "has no business being this fun". I small light truck with an amazing AWD /4wd system and a quick ecoboost engine...I think FUN is what this truck was made for
  16. VIDEO: Air Design Fender Flares for Maverick - Install & Review

    Hmmmm, I wonder if you could do a clean straight cut on the fender flare right where the fender meets the bumper to avoid having to ruin the whole fender flare if you happen to have to remove the front bumper in the future. Seems like a really bad design. Most fender flares would have it split...
  17. Picture Day for Mowgli, my Maverick Build

    You may have answered this elsewhere, but what size tires are you running? And do you have any pictures from straight on of the front and back? I want to see a picture as if I was driving behind the truck + if you were driving behind me