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  1. 23 Lariat will be available at Chapman Phila.

    That is exactly what I was hoping to do but the Vroom difference of 27,500 and the Lariat price of 32 and change was too much for me so I decided to keep the XLT. Only drove 6500 miles so no big deal. I love the XLT.
  2. 23 Lariat will be available at Chapman Phila.

    I did try Carmax, Vroom, KBB and driveway.com. Vroom was the highest the others were all around 500 less and trade in was 25,500 from the dealer. I am quite happy with the XLT so hopefully the Lariat goes to someone who has been waiting a long time.
  3. Pennsylvania Mabett Mud Flaps, new in box

    15 bucks, local pickup only. 18938 zip code (Bucks County) New in box, bought for another Mav I decided not to buy. Thanks, Mike 610-213-7960 10/2/2023
  4. 23 Lariat will be available at Chapman Phila.

    I am walking away from 23 A51 Hybrid Lariat with Lux package. VIN is 3FTTW8E33PRA92082. Please reach out to Ed Simpson or Brian Burnley, who are great. I just could not justify the price difference between the trade and the new Lariat. Good luck to you all. I am keeping my 22 XLT with only...
  5. DIY Bed Extender

    The creativity of this forum is incredible. Thanks for sharing. I have no need for a bed extender but if things change I have some options. Great job.
  6. Advice on selling 22 XLT

    I love the 22 and have not had any issues. Ordered the Lariat for my wife who decided she wants an SUV, not a truck. The 22 is an XLT so I decided to sell the XLT and keep the Lariat for me but the XLT is not getting any good offers and Vroom, Driveway and Carvana are also low so I am leaning...
  7. Advice on selling 22 XLT

    Thanks - I will give them a go. Vroom and Carvana are low and dealer only offered 25,500 on a trade. They will wash and vacuum it and add 5 grand and sell it in a day. Truck is like new. I may keep it and walk away from the Lariat. Price differential is too great considering the amount I...
  8. Finally got mine!

    I have A51, my brother has Cactus Grey. Both are nice. You will love it.
  9. Finally

    Congrats -
  10. Advice on selling 22 XLT

    Thank you for the info on CarGurus. Never used them and will take a deeper dive tonight. Tracker shows estimated delivery on the 23 as 9/21-10-4. I actually hope it is a couple days later as I will be traveling that week.
  11. Advice on selling 22 XLT

    You may be right, I just wanted to avoid Craigslist and all of its stuff. Click on Forums, then scroll down and there is a section called member marketplace and the Mavericks for sale are there. Also interior, exterior etc. There is a big shopping center down the street from my house and...
  12. Advice on selling 22 XLT

    I love the 22 XLT. Has been trouble free. I ordered the 23 Lariat for my wife as she "needs" push button start, XM radio etc. A couple of months after it was ordered she said she wanted an SUV instead of a truck so I changed the color on the order from Cactus Gray to A51 and decided to keep...
  13. Advice on selling 22 XLT

    Thank you everyone. I will check them all once I get a firm delivery date.
  14. My Maverick Lariat

    Nice rack!
  15. Advice on selling 22 XLT

    KBB was 28 and change. Sales tax in PA is 6% so still come out ahead with Vroom but the numbers will be changing. I can't sell until I know when the new Mav is in. I appreciate your input as well as everyone else.
  16. Advice on selling 22 XLT

    Carvana and KBB are both less than Vroom. Vroom has consistently been higher for my 18938 zip code.
  17. Advice on selling 22 XLT

    Dealer said they would go KBB, which is lower than Vroom.
  18. Father and Son Mavericks are in the driveway

    Nice - My plan was to have husband and wife Mavs but wife decided she wants an SUV. So only a 1 Mav family, but my brother in California did buy a Mav.