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  1. Ford Faces Class Action Lawsuit - Hybrid Engine Fires

    And someone or sometime without even having to worry if or when got sprinklers too.
  2. Ford Faces Class Action Lawsuit - Hybrid Engine Fires

    Nope my house came with smoke detectors
  3. Ford Faces Class Action Lawsuit - Hybrid Engine Fires

    I agree I haven’t had issues and if it happens, I’ll wait till that happens., not only that the attorneys want you to sign some kind of commitment. Never heard that before. My XLT @ 12k miles is doing fine, got mines 10/22
  4. 2023 Maverick Emissions Recall 23E09 (Air/Fuel Enrichment Calibration) - New Vehicle Delivery Hold

    Man I’m glad I got this my registration is due next month! Having said this my 2022 XLT HYBRID with 11.8k miles, I haven’t experienced any crazy issues at all. My first edition has been GREAT
  5. Hybrid Doing Truck Things 📸

    Very nice and that’s a good size camper
  6. Tremor question

    I’ve been joying my first edition XLT Maverick and paid no attention to tremor. I don’t even know what’s the price when you order it. I ran into a tremor for sale and it is very pricy from a dealer, here in the San Francisco area. I find it crazy
  7. r8drskullz

    DFW, Texas Mavericks

    Hopefully I can find and attend one here in the San Francisco Bay Area.
  8. DFW Maverick Meet - Pics

    Now that’s a refreshing site! 👍🏼👏🏼😎
  9. Got My Maverick

    Very nice, ever since I got my 22 XLT Hybrid I haven’t stopped smiling as soon a put it in drive
  10. Maverick towing Scamp Trailer

    Parked jelling like Magellan, Fellow members this isn’t mines just saw this parked as o was driving in Livermore Ca. Waved at them but they were to busy relaxing.
  11. Got Hit While Parked


    In the last month mpg reading dropped from a steady 40.6 to lees than 30 has anyone experienced this? I haven’t changed anything from my driving habits, I wonder if this is a software issue?
  13. DASHBOARD RATTLE GONE (Thanks Shay!)

    Thank you Shay! After watching your 30k first edition Maverick Hybrid review, I followed your technique and fixed my RATTLE !!! It is OUT OF HERE