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    Just to clarify, you're getting those figures on a hybrid? Your user name says ecoboost
  2. Tailgate Assist Update

    A shot in the dark: (pun intended huuur) I inadvertently installed the upper bracket at a tilt (not exactly vertical).. perhaps by doing so, the cable rests in line with the strut head and is not encouraged to fall past/overlap/rub against it..
  3. 700+ Miles Per Tank Club

    Holy crap, time to thread the needle.. I'm knocking on the door y'all!
  4. Tailgate Assist Update

    Leaving this here for any who come looking, Firstly thank you to everyone who posted before and dealt with early issues so we could be aware of what to look for. That being said I had none of them.. - my package was brandy new from Amazon and stamped "23/01” so maybe manufactured this year...
  5. Tailgate Assist Update

    So, a year later, but how has your cable and heat shrink held up?
  6. Hybrid Doing Truck Things 📸

    Hey, so just to clarify, you went up to 235/65 and got 1/4 less mpg? That doesn't sound too noticable, that sounds great!
  7. Lasfit T3 4257 Switchback

    hi, did you happen to see any literature mentioning any improvements in the new T3 bulbs, or are they just brighter? Thank you for the vids
  8. Lasfit Switchback vs Lasfit Amber LED

    leaving here in this old thread for fun: did some of you, dear readers, find the switchbacks borderline too bright? Well have we got something for you...
  9. Amazing A/C

    4500 watts? That's awesome.. is that 4,500 watts at full blast?
  10. Amazing A/C

    So after installing the perimeter plus remote start system I had a mind to get the extra long range super duper antenna, thinking it'd be the final step in optimizing the summer errand/grocery experience (ford claims it gives you a range of "up to" 2,500 feet, but you have to also buy a separate...
  11. Installed new Falken Wildpeak A/T3W Tires (235 65 r17)

    Guess I'll ask the burning question! ...how'd it affect your mpg?

    I'm only on my second tank and coming for the 600 club.. I've already been able to achieve consistent 57mpg (per the dash) trips to work, which are approx 25 mi long, flat, take me about 50 minutes of travel and range between 30 and 50mph speed limits, but MAN do I have to drive like the "small...
  13. I can reach the sliding rear window by hand

    Guys in all reality my arms and reach are normal length 😅
  14. I can reach the sliding rear window by hand

    I was looking for the clip from full metal jacket when gunny sgt talks about a reach around. I don't think for a sec I could post it here but just know.. I'll never worry about being that guy
  15. 27 mile Review….😂

    Waiting must have been terrible but in turn, hopefully you bypassed all the early build problems and had a foothold on the early purchase price.. cheers!
  16. I can reach the sliding rear window by hand

    I didn't have it in the budget for the lariat when I ordered 🤷 but it was $150 add on to the XLT so I make it work.. Cheers to all who got their XL's built, that's what I wanted originally but I was too hesitant my order wouldn't get picked up
  17. I can reach the sliding rear window by hand

    No but I did spend the night at a holiday inn Express. (Too old?) 😬😬😶‍🌫️