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  1. New Ford Blue Oval Logo Ditches Chrome

    https://www.autoblog.com/2023/09/13/ford-blue-oval-logo-emblem-redesigned/ I thought the Ford logo looked a bit different in videos from last night's F-150 reveal and this confirms it. I like it. They were overdue for a branding update.
  2. Maryland Sold: HeatShield front windshield cover

    Like new HeatShield front windshield cover in silver (part number 2894). Used in my truck since 5/5/23. I've used HeatShields in all my vehicles for the last several years and they're always high quality products. Makes an amazing difference in keeping the truck cooler when parked outdoors...
  3. Maryland Sold: DeeZee Tailgate Assist (DZ43207) and V-ring tie downs

    Like new DeeZee tailgate assist (part number DZ43207) with two (2) V-ring tie downs to replace the factory tie down the must be removed for installation. Includes all hardware and the spare clips for the damper. Only installed on my truck for three months and less than 1,300 miles. Price: $25...
  4. Small plastic thing in emergency jack tool bag

    Anyone know what this small plastic thing is that's in the tool bag for the emergency jack? It looks like the head of a tire spoon, but it's way too small for that use. It fits into the end of the rod used to lower the spare.
  5. Loud windows rolling down

    All four of my windows make a loud, stuttering noise only when rolling down, not up. Normally, I would consider this a bad motor and just bring it in for service, but the fact that all four make the exact same stuttering is strange. Any opinions? I've tried lubricating the tracks with silicone...
  6. Another rail car derailment - Williams, AZ

    Add another to the rash of derailments this year: https://apnews.com/article/freight-train-derailment-northern-arizona-d75ac1da5d9d6f67f4d5d2ca298ff822 The main photo shows an F-150 and the third one shows Transits, so these there may be from the Kansas City Assembly Plant (KCAP) and not...