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  1. Tremor question

    I’ve been joying my first edition XLT Maverick and paid no attention to tremor. I don’t even know what’s the price when you order it. I ran into a tremor for sale and it is very pricy from a dealer, here in the San Francisco area. I find it crazy
  2. Maverick towing Scamp Trailer

    Parked jelling like Magellan, Fellow members this isn’t mines just saw this parked as o was driving in Livermore Ca. Waved at them but they were to busy relaxing.

    In the last month mpg reading dropped from a steady 40.6 to lees than 30 has anyone experienced this? I haven’t changed anything from my driving habits, I wonder if this is a software issue?

    Thank you Shay! After watching your 30k first edition Maverick Hybrid review, I followed your technique and fixed my RATTLE !!! It is OUT OF HERE
  5. Pending lemon law case

    I just got a letter from an attorney regarding a Lemon law case for FORD, anyone else start getting these. Personally I haven’t had any issues, other than the fire under hood recall. But mines is running great as of now.
  6. Ford Maverick Yeti water bottle

    One dude already put his Maverick Yeti bottle up for sale on EBAY! I like it too bad we all couldn’t get one!! I don’t think it’ll fit on any of the bottle water compartments
  7. Rear Cab Spoiler installed

    Easy install, everything you need is included, I did buy and use as well 3M adhesive promoter. Looks great and brings in the light into focus.
  8. Maverick value increase, how does insurance handle that?

    I’ve seen many Mavericks done at dealers with prices over $35K. Awhile back a Maverick owner s Maverick was totaled and luckily for him they honored the higher price for payoff, Any food for thought on this?
  9. Who's put on some mileage on Hybrid Maverick as a work truck?

    I wanted to know how many Maverick hybrid owner that were one of the few lucky ones to buy first. Has anyone put on some serious miles and put that bad boy to work as a truck.
  10. Windows Tinted

    Finally got my truck tinted 35% ceramic, only thing left I’m going to add is the rear cab spoiler and it’s done. Next week 10k service due.
  11. Rear mirror compartment

    I want to put tint on my top part of my windshield, I still have no idea what that compartment at rear of my rear mirror is for.
  12. Aftermarket rear cab spoiler?

    Does anyone know of a third party that makes the rear cab spoiler
  13. Finally hit 2000 miles!

    How do I feel about my Hbrid XLT
  14. Dashboard light up

    Happy thanksgiving to all, I installed a nice bad ass trailer hitch bumper, with the four pin connector, worked great for a couple days and last night I started getting all kinds of alerts on my dash. Trailer light right side not working and my rear alert not working. Called ford for an...
  15. What can I say... I’ve enjoyed every second in in my truck

    Today I finally clocked in 1500 miles in 1 & 1/2 months. I must say that everything I have read while waiting for my XLT to arrive I came to my conclusion. I’ve read about the is the horn in cab, eco not set to default, noisy engine, crummy sound system and much more. All I can say is I’ve...
  16. Wider tires requires suspension adjustment?

    I want to get the widest tire on my 17 inch rims so I can put the wide fender flares. But a friend told me that if do get wider tires I would have to get some kind of adjustment to the suspension, anyone had to do this?
  17. Slowly but Surely

    Adding something here and there
  18. Feeling that orange steering wheel

  19. Lug nuts size

    Can anyone tell me what size lug nuts are used on the XLT wheels