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  1. Father and Son Mavericks are in the driveway

    another father/son set. We picked the HPR color independent of each other, mine is totally stock, he has done some modifications to give it a better “look”. Obviously I am the dad.
  2. Houston Maverick meet 6/17/23

    I will be there!
  3. Just got a Gator SFX Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

    I am in the same boat. The video mentioned it for sealing the tailgate, but did not show exactly how it goes on. I figured I would and see if it ever leaks, then have my son come over and do it.
  4. Houston Maverick meet-up 1/14

    Sounds good to me. I will clean it up and be there.
  5. Just got a Gator SFX Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

    My son gave me the mat. It came from a F-150 he had, and he cut it to fit the Maverick.
  6. Just got a Gator SFX Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover

    Just spent under ten minutes installing my bed cover. I am impressed with it. Perfect fir, easy to install (and remove) and seems to be of a high quality. Paid $289+tax. I liked that it is 100% made in the USA. I have not been on the highway yet so don’t know about noise.
  7. Mavericks Accumulating At Dealers

    I live in southwest Houston, Meyerland area, I got my Maverick in October and the only other ones I have seen, two, were in Katy. Zero around my part of town.
  8. Size of fastening screws for the Maverick bed rail?

    Thanks. M8x1.25x28 instead of M6x1.0x25, which the Ford video showe, the M6 is for lower.
  9. Size of fastening screws for the Maverick bed rail?

    A friend modified his bed and did not need the bed rails that came with his truck, so he gave them to me without the fastening screws. Parts people at Ford cannot tell me the size, the Ford Do-It-Yourself video i think says the wrong size. I bought M6-1.0x 25mm bolts and they were way to...
  10. Houston area Maverick meet up 11/12

    My hot pepper red Lariat is supposed to be delivered here in Houston next week so I will excited to meet up, have a great burger, and talk to other Houston folks about Mavericks!
  11. Ridiculously low Gas mileage ENOUGH already WTF is going on ?

    My son got this driving to work and back at 65 mph just to see how good his mileage could be. EB XLT