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  1. Father and Son Mavericks are in the driveway

    In hindsight I would have taken the Atlas Blue. It matches the accent color of our recently purchased motorhome.
  2. Father and Son Mavericks are in the driveway

    Yes both have BAP. Identical excep for color.
  3. Whitewall Era

    I learned to drive in a 1960 Sedan Deville. It had auto diming headlights, power windows, and cruise control. I broke an engine mount because that massive V8 that would rotate the car a couple of inches when you revved the engine.
  4. Student Incentive - instant rebate?

    We picked up my college aged sons two weeks ago. The dealer took it off at the bottom of the invoice. If I remember correctly, he didn't even need a copy of the form he filled out, the dealer had already had it in their system. Let me know if you need a copy of my invoice/sale agreement.
  5. Hood size too large

    You could have landed a plane on that hood!
  6. Father and Son Mavericks are in the driveway

    We ordered two Maverick XLT Lux 360 BAP trucks during the September order period. My son's is Atlas Blue, mine is Hot Pepper Red, otherwise identical. His was built one day before mine and arrived 4 days earlier than mine. Had a great experience at Portsmouth Ford, Portsmouth New Hampshire. Port...
  7. Abandoning order. Anything I can do to prevent dealer markup?

    For those of you suggesting flip it. I thought about it on my XLT Lux 360 but Carvana offer about 3,500 less than the out the door price. I decided to keep it.
  8. Cheap DIY Daytime Running Lights $14.00 Pretty Impressive for The Price

    I'm thinking of ordering the red to put on the back of my motorhome in the crescent shaped opening as a third brake light. I'll have to get into the brake light wire but I think that's easy because I already have a trailer light hookup.
  9. Best accessories you've added to your Maverick?

    Which mirror/dash cam did you get? Where did you mount the rearview camera? We have digital rear view from the factory for our Traverse, and I added one to my son's 04 CRV. He got his Maverick last week and misses the digital mirror. Never mind. Saw your answer to someone else later in the thread.
  10. Missouri Hybrid all weather floor liners $50

    is shipping to 03820 available and if so how much?
  11. How are you paying for Maverick?

    I know this is an older post, but be aware that you should withhold at the maximum marginal tax rate. The money you draw out will be adding to the top of your income so could be at a higher rate. Think of it this way, if your salary income is $100,000 and you withdraw $30,000 for the truck, your...
  12. X-Plan information

    That list on Thoroughbred Ford is quite old. I found my employer, NTT DATA listed but also couldn't find the code on the HR site. I call the Partner Program help desk and found that it had expired in 2016. They gave me the name of the HR rep that was listed as the contact. I checked email and...
  13. Eligible for X-Plan, 2 Mavericks in shipping

    The doc fee savings isn't as much for me. I have an honest dealer, Portsmouth Ford in NH. They only charge a $100 doc fee for everyone.
  14. Eligible for X-Plan, 2 Mavericks in shipping

    My Mavericks, (one for me, one for my son) have been built and are shipped. I started looking for a X-Plan code for my company, a billion dollar IT services company. I found out that they had let the qualification expire in 2016. Talked to HR and just learned today it's been renewed. So how much...
  15. 📬 6/15/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOW ARRIVING!]

    ⏰ 10:49 AM EST 📅 July 31, 2023 🔢3FTTW8E31PRA774xx 🛻 Hot Pepper Red XLT Hybrid, Lux, CoPilot, BAP, SIBL, Hitch 📍 Seacoast NH 🗓 Sept 17 🕺 Portsmouth Ford, Portsmouth NH NOTE Also ordered the exact same options in Alto blue for my son. Don't have his details right now
  16. Dealer Ordered Mavericks in stock?

    They are in Mass (8 Uxbridge Rd Mendon, MA 01756) but I get your point!
  17. Ford Owner Direct Certificate

    How about "Our marketing department is looking for something to do since we can't build enough Mavericks to keep up with demand and they aren't very busy. So they have designed some Special Savings Certificates for some customers to try and keep you on the hook a little longer. Since it is...
  18. Dealer Ordered Mavericks in stock?

    Ford is showing several identical except for color Mavericks in stock at Imperial Ford. How does that happen when we haven't got our Maverick orders yet? https://shop.ford.com/inventory/maverick/results?zipcode=01756&Radius=20&Order=Distance&intcmp=show-si
  19. Issues with flat towing?

    If it did drain the battery, I wonder if you could install a battery disconnect switch?