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  1. Could a smaller spare damage your differential over long distances?

    Good to know it reverts to FWD in case of mismatched rear tires. Patiently awaiting my manual and the truck that comes with it.
  2. Could a smaller spare damage your differential over long distances?

    Consider this question: Is it really worth risking thousands of dollars in drivetrain repairs to save a much smaller amount to have matching tires all around? Personally I wouldn't risk it for more than a few miles to get to a tire shop. Additional information...
  3. X plan question

    There are many databases of vehicle registration data. Relatively easy to check to see if a vehicle has a new owner if they chose to do so. https://alescodata.com/data/automotive/ Whether they choose to do anything with the data is another matter.
  4. Who, at Ford…

    I owned a Sport Trac 20 years ago and don’t even remember the door handle shape. Must not have been an issue.
  5. Saw my first Maverick commercial (random post)

    Here is my theory based on a visit to a local dealer looking for a Maverick 1. Create excess demand for backlogged Mavericks 2. Dealer says don't wait months/years for a Maverick 3. Dealer walks me over to a lot full of $60K-$100K F-150s 4. Hard sell on the F-150 5. I walk away never to return...
  6. Saw my first Maverick commercial (random post)

    Agreed. I have seen very few Mavericks. Maybe the higher production levels will get more on road and help with awareness. :unsure: I'll take my order anytime now and be happy to drive it around.
  7. Numbers of new orders

    First lottery I’ve ever played is the Maverick lottery. Odds don’t look good.
  8. Saw my first Maverick commercial (random post)

    That's a pre-production ad. Probably just random filler for a timeslot. It makes more sense now.
  9. Saw my first Maverick commercial (random post)

    I'd love to see 12K production per month. Hopefully they can hit that. To your point, if they get caught up by April that's still a 6 month backlog. And when they make trucks for the lot, they'll sell those to the people who didn't want to wait months and months for an order. It's still a...
  10. Maverick inventories at dealerships nonexistent

    If they are building to stock, the vehicle would have a blue window sticker. Orders are green window stickers. I haven't heard mentioned on the forum that someone has bought one that wasn't an order (theirs or someone else's) I have heard about unscrupulous dealers making up fake customers to...
  11. Saw my first Maverick commercial (random post)

    Just because order banks are open doesn't mean anything. Order backlog stands at over 41,000 and that does count what's already scheduled for October/November...
  12. Saw my first Maverick commercial (random post)

    Classic case of marketing not talking to operations. I've seen this many times at various companies. Marketing promoting a product where demand already exceeds supply. Most likely marketing has some budget to spend before the end of the year and someone decides it would be fun to shoot a...
  13. Maverick inventories at dealerships nonexistent

    My understanding is that all Mavericks are built for specific customer or fleet orders. Any new Mavericks at a dealer that are not on their way to a customer are ones that are refused by a customer. Or the dealership is doing something unscrupulous to scam the customer out of the order. Given...
  14. Thoughts on XL vs XLT?

    It comes down to individual expectations. Others have pointed out the trim differences. The decision becomes which best aligns with expectations. Back in the 80's I had an Escort with an AM radio as the only option included. I was happy with it. Got me from point A to B cheap. BTW 1.6L M4 got...
  15. And now, a rant about wheels and tires that are too big.

    The issue here is the large rim, low profile tire preference. On a sports car, I guess they kind of make sense for the handling. Just be prepared for potholes to take their toll. I really like 31x10.5R15LT on a truck. Not too big, and really functional in most conditions (race track excluded)...
  16. Maverick is like a Flex

    Maybe I should just get a used Flex while I'm waiting 600+ days for the Maverick. If it had a frame instead of unibody, chop the roof and toss the third row. 😆
  17. Will UAW Strike affect Maverick production / delivery?

    Reading this thread reminds me that capitalism is the worst economic system except for all the others that have been tried. :geek: https://pittnews.com/article/5424/opinions/capitalism-the-worst-economic-system-except-for-all-the-others/
  18. If your Maverick encounters salty roads in the winter, how is it holding up?

    I also live in MN and ordered a 2024 XL. I suspect a problem area will be the rear wheel wells. I have a 2012 Escape and that is the area with the most rust. Ford copied the second generation Escape right into the Maverick and Bronco Sport...
  19. If You Weren't a Ford Guy/Gal Why Did You Get a Maverick?

    I used to buy Fords. Had a bad experience with an early production Sport Trac and thought I'd never buy another Ford. After more than a decade of other brands, I gave them another chance and bought a 2012 Escape. Everyone in the family likes it. The reliability has been tolerable. Decision on...
  20. Maverick hauling round hay bales

    Actually, bale density is adjustable on both round and squares. Round: Square: Minimum and maximum density is bounded by 1. Capacity of the baler 2. Twine strength 3. Maintaining bale shape (too low density and the bale falls apart)