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  1. Production Date?

    And I'm starting to worry because of my build date keeps changing,first was 9/04 then 9/11 -9/18 now 9/25:oops::oops:
  2. RadMan Maverick XLT FX4 vs. a Speed Bump: The Ultimate Off-Roading Challenge!

    Great video and you now have 12 subs(I subbed from both my channels lol)
  3. New in channel windscreens are in!

    Do they bind the window operation at all?
  4. Geee wonder where Ford got

    All Motors Corp
  5. Latest Date to Possibly get 2023 Maverick?

    My 23xlt eco awd has a vin and has changed schedule build dates twice already went from sept12 to sept4 now shows sept18 hope the goalposts don’t move anymore or will have to order a 24 for more money (dealer told me since vin#already didn’t need to order 24)
  6. PSA for those doing a transmission fluid dump and fill

    hope you put it back in,it's a baffle for the vent so it won't purge when hot all over top of trans.
  7. PSA for those doing a transmission fluid dump and fill

    Release the clamp and remove the transmission vent. With the engine running in PARK, remove the transmission fluid leveling plug and check if transmission fluid seeps out of the transmission fluid leveling plug hole...
  8. Giveaway: Win a Tozalazz Off-Road 12V Air Compressor!(closed)

    A dinasaur of a Smittybilt meh it works(kinda)
  9. Highest 23 VIN Tracker

    PRA89*** scheduled week of 09/12 here
  10. Another Rumored Truck - Fisker Alaska (Article)

    another phoney offroader like the Teslacle,close as will be to offroad is bumping the curb at starbucks drivethru
  11. 2024 Canadian Pricing?

    looks like my build went up couple grand! thank goodness I'm schuduled for september build
  12. The number of the beast

  13. Mabett is selling and developing hundreds of products

    Following,I've installed your mudflaps on my bronco great stuff(have vid of install)can't wait for your Maverick offerings for my new build.(y)
  14. Late to the game

    Put your order in and if it's within dealers allocations and a build Ford is ready to make it may be not long(I think xlt's are the sweet spot right now?)

    I have a area51 Bronco and I ordered a area51 Mav for wifey does that count?
  16. 📬 7/27/23 Scheduling Email Received Group [EMAILS NOT YET ARRIVING]

    I'm in Canada and the tracker doesn't show a production date for my unit but my dealer screen shows sept 11,am I still golden?
  17. Have VIN but status is "Order Processing" and No Scheduled Production Week? (Canada)

    Did the dealer send you the order # and Vin#? if so go to Ford.ca and sign in go to check order status from the pull downs in top rh side enter #s should give more info Also your dealer should have on their order processing screen the schuduled build week (if is)
  18. Accessories recommended for Maverick?

    depends on your use case,the first things i've ordered for mine is a rack for my tent and a tonneau cover for the back.
  19. HPR Maverick Tremor offroad videos @ Moab!!

    great that the Tremor made it through with only a few pucker moments :),hopefully the fx4 i ordered will be able to hang with my Bronco BD.