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  1. New Maverick XLT Missing Bed Liner

    SIBL wasn't included. If you got it, then you paid for it as a separate add on.
  2. Stripped threads Fx4 skid plate

    Same thing happened to me :-( What did you do to fix it?
  3. Hood size too large

    You could try this...Amazon
  4. TC 2 inch lift kit tire recommended size.

    31 inches. But between tools and bed accessories I have roughly 120 lbs of stuff in the bed. I wish I would have taken measurements before and after. All the mavericks I have at work and totally empty so it's hard to get an actual read on how much the lift is. What size tires did you put on...
  5. TC 2 inch lift kit tire recommended size.

    I should have measured before and after lift and tires... I just measured a new one to mine. About 3 inches in the front, rear was a little over an inch. My truck does have a hard trifold tonneau cover, rubber mat and bed divider in it, where the new maverick was totally empty.
  6. Abandoning order. Anything I can do to prevent dealer markup?

    Buy it anyway as long as it isn't marked up too much. Especially with a hybrid. You will be able to flip it easily.
  7. Teamsters will honor UAW strike (No Deliveries)

    I work at a dealership and we have still been getting deliveries today. It's only 3 plants that are on strike currently so I doubt it will affect maverick deliveries for now. If it doesn't get resolved soon then you might have to start to worry.
  8. RadMan Maverick XLT FX4 vs. a Speed Bump: The Ultimate Off-Roading Challenge!

    Cool build, funny video! How did you get BAP on the FX4? I didn't think that was possible! I put the RC 2 inch strut kit on mine, love it! I wonder how much of a difference the strut kit is compared to the puck.
  9. Lariat “real leather” seat upgrade

    I know, I'm not a fan of leather. I really wish I could have gotten the lariat with cloth seats!!
  10. New member. Want info on 4K package

    2024. OP wasn't about BAP, still can't 2023 or 2024 for BAP
  11. New member. Want info on 4K package

    I have FX4 XLT Lux, with 4k. Sometimes the ford builder website seems to not let you do some combos that you are able to do. I wish I could have had the Black Appearance Package too, but for some stupid reason you can't get it with FX4.
  12. S.E. Michigan Maverick Meet-Up Spring 2023

    Any chance of having another this fall??
  13. I Really Dislike The Autohold Feature

    I hate the feature too, but there is zero reason to complain about it. You only have to turn it off once and it will never be on again unless you turn it back on.... The auto start/stop is the really annoying one because you have to turn it off every time you start the vehicle.
  14. What did you drive before the Maverick?

    05 XLT 2.3L manual Ranger
  15. 38,000 mile summary. BEWARE: ISSUES GALORE!

    What dealership are you going to for service? Sounds like they aren't putting much effort into figuring out what is going on. I would try taking it to another dealership to check out.
  16. Winter handling

    You should be fine. Hybrids are heavy and fwd, as long as you don't drive like an idiot you shouldn't have any problems.
  17. 23C04 Trailer Trailamp Recall

    Thanks. Little late for me, as soon as the official fix came out I was the first one at my dealership to get it done! I totally failed on trying to fix it myself.
  18. Was my Maverick sold out from under me despite my order?

    They defiantly hosed you. I would contact a lawyer, probably won't do much good but who knows. I would be contacting Ford directly, I would go into the dealership and raise hell with management, then if all else fails I would just blast them on every social media and every website that they...