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  1. Fast Mavericks Intercooler Pipe Upgrade for 2.0L EcoBoost

    The first batch is ready and they are beautiful. Unfortunately, this first batch is all spoken for but I will order another batch along with more intercoolers soon. Thanks to those of you who made this possible by joining the presale. Here’s a little sneak peek.
  2. Brembos Installed

    So I got time install the brackets and bolt everything up and they officially fit. It’s tight on 18 inch wheel so 17s are out of the question. Once I get the other side I can road test it and if everything is good I will have a batch made. Now for your viewing pleasure.
  3. 305 whp / 342 lb-ft Dyno Numbers from Modified EcoBoost Maverick

    My good friend and client Mr. T Gizma got his truck on the rollers today and made some solid numbers. 2.0 AWD S&B Intake Fast Mavericks Intercooler Liveronis E30 tune 3 pulls on a Stingy Mustang Dyno: 305 whp / 330 lb-ft torque 300 whp / 342 lb-ft torque 299 whp / 336 lb-ft torque Next up...
  4. Finished bumper exit exhaust

    Finally had time to build the fender exit correctly. Instead of cutting the end and installing a 90, my fabricator built a complete rear section so the angle was correct. Turned out better than expected although I may still change the trim bezel. On to the pictures!
  5. Max boost with CTR57

    In case anyone is wondering what the CTR57 makes. 23 psi max boost and I could be wrong but the MAP sensor might be maxed out.
  6. Front Brembo Brakes Kit coming soon

    Been working on this for a while and I’m close to completion. Parts are as follows: 2016 Focus RS Brembo calipers. I got mine on eBay for $360 for the pair. Yes they are ridiculously inexpensive for Brembos. They were actually more at the dealer because they wanted a $50 core per caliper...
  7. Under hood lighting

    First of all if your reply is “Why?” then please move along . This is for those who wrench on their trucks. It may even come in handy if you break down on the side of the road at night. $20 bucks on Amazon, maybe 15-20 minutes to install. Two wires. Cheap, Quick, and Easy. Before, no...
  8. 12.4s @ 111mph Run Video

    Was able to record todays trip to Mexico. Can’t wait for fall when we have boost weather. 🙌🏼
  9. Weight reduction Dragy run: 12.35s @ 112.53 mph

    Even though my goal is 11s full weight, I know that’s going to require more fuel, better air, and a more aggressive tune. So I figured I’d drop some weight and see what happens. Pulled the passenger seat, rear bench, and the dual sub box. DA was around 3800 and 72 degrees. Only got one run...
  10. Bumper exit exhaust!

    Made a little change to my Thermal R&D turn down exhaust.
  11. New 2.0 Turbo Upgrade From Fast Mavericks

    I am happy to announce that the stock 2.0 turbo upgrade is compete and available for sale. Built from a stock 2.0 core, this unit features a Billet 49.6 mm inducer and 65 mm exducer. That’s 20% larger than stock! The turbo is 100% bolt on using the stock lines, intercooler pipes, and...
  12. Thermal R&D exhaust sale

    I teamed up with Thermal R&D and we're offering a sale on all 5 of their exhaust systems. At the moment they are only avaialble for AWD but FWD systems will be available soon. Made out of 3 inch 304 SS these systems will work perfectly with our 3 inch downpipe. These systems also have a...
  13. Turbo & Downpipe Package

    This next batch of CTR57 turbos, due in the next week or so, should fill all pending orders. Immediately after that, I will have the Ranger downpipes start production for these Ranger frame CTRs. I will have ONE turbo that may interest those looking for a bump in power without breaking the...
  14. New lower cost Downpipes

    I have a limited amount (20) 3 inch downpipes due to arrive in 2 weeks. These are an improvement to the original V1 downpipe and no wait. These are stock flange, (Stock or Corsair turbo), full 3 inch they don’t neck down like the original ones, 409 SS, 2 02 bungs, flex pipe, and OEM style...
  15. 2.3 Maverick Modified Performance Build: Upgraded Turbo, downpipe, electric cutout, intercooler, intake, coilovers

    I was going to write Maverick ST on the title but I don’t feel like getting roasted. I don’t expect everyone to know how crazy I am but it’s just a reminder that some groups aren’t for me. So I’ll write this pretending that no one knows what I’ve done. I sold my 12 second 22 XLT and picked up...
  16. Turbo size comparison: 2.0 vs 2.3 vs Fast Mavericks

    For comparison from left to right. Stock 2.0 40mm Stock 2.3 46mm FM CTR57mm I have more Ranger frame CTRs coming soon. The first batch already sold out. The downpipes will start coming after pending stock flange downpipes are shipped. I have competitive pricing on stock Ranger and Corsair...
  17. Intercoolers now in stock

    Available in Black or Silver at www.FastMavericks.com 👍🏼
  18. Economy 3 inch downpipe coming soon.

    Not everyone wants a 304 SS artwork downpipe so I will have a lower cost 409 SS option by the end of July. It will be for the stock or Corsair turbo, 3 inch 409 SS, high flow cat, flex pipe, OEM style hangers, and a 3 inch vband end. It will also include a vbanded 3 inch midpipe with 3 inch...
  19. CTR57 Black Series Turbo Is Here! (Fast Mavericks)

    It’s finally here and it’s a Beauty and Beast. Exciting things are coming soon. Turbo comes with a 18 month warranty as well. Get yours at www.FastMavericks.com.

    Father’s Day sale is live on www.fastmavericks.com Intercoolers $599.99 Catted Stock Flange downpipe $1299.99 Corsair CTR57 $2499.99 And more! Use FATHERSDAY at checkout for FREE SHIPPING! Thanks and HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO ALL THE DADS OUT THERE!