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  1. [SOLD] For Sale: 235/65/17 Falken Wildpeaks AT3W

    Hey all, I'm about to take possession of a Tremor with the upgraded 235/45/17 All terrain tires. They will be brand new from Ford Factory. I am immediately starting a project with the Maverick so these will have to go. Let me know if you are interested.
  2. What are the Maverick Vs Ranger 0-60 speeds

    I was recently on YouTube and was going through some comments and saw someone claiming the Ranger is quicker than the Maverick. Does anyone have some official #s for the trucks? Everything I’ve looked into was leaning towards the Maverick. video with comments linked below. The video doesn’t...
  3. Anyone in need of Steelies off an XL

    I am going to be picking up an XL soon. I plan on upgrading the wheels and tires. So trying to pre-plan 2 things, -Obtaining some XLT or Lariat wheels (or possibly some wheels off a bronco) -Sell the Steelie Wheels and tires Let me know!
  4. First Maverick in the Red Woods

  5. Glitchy Back-Up Camera

    Posting this to see if it is a common issue and complaint. One major issue I have experienced in my Maverick Hybrid is with the touch screen and specifically the back up camera. While utilizing the back up camera the camera feed seems to lag at times and freeze up or glitch. This has been a...