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  1. I can reach the sliding rear window by hand

    Yea so some observations, (though mostly obsolete at this point, the rear window was no longer orderable for 2024?) about the manual rear sliding window.. I'm 5'10". With my right foot on the brake, I can recline the driver's seat, and without having to slide the seat back, I can reach the...
  2. Chx nuggie game ON POINT

    Wow this is what you find on Amazon when you look long enough 🤣🤣🤣 ISSYAUTO FITS Sauce Holder Compatible with Maverick 2022 2023 2024 Rear Seat FITS Slot Sauce Holder Ford Maverick Accessories https://a.co/d/031uXJ4 ..it's the reason you bought your rear floormats!
  3. Really 8.3" of ground clearance?

    What do they use when considering this measurement? The bottom of the rear shocks is a little over 5" off the ground, nothing in the bed.. I guess the expectation is you'd never allow an obstacle so close to your rear tires, so they don't count?
  4. Amazing A/C

    BIGGEST impression after a week of ownership is the freaking air conditioning ROCKS. I was afraid rear passengers would be left wanting with no rear ac vents but it blows so strong that when in the back, I can even feel airflow from the side vents.
  5. All electric miles in 4.5" screen absent?

    I was driving myself crazy looking for odometer statistics last night. Can anyone tell me the sequence to find odometer readings for total electric miles travelled in a hybrid? (So not the trip report that shows after you turn the vehicle off) I am specifically looking for the total number of...
  6. Is Ford still making body panels for discontinued colorways?

    For those of us that have say, area 51 or cyber orange, does anyone know Ford's tendency to continue to supply separate body panels, front bumpers, etc. For discontinued colors?
  7. Ceramic IR tinting and toll road transponders

    Hey! Looking in to ceramic IR tinting but I was told it blocks the transponder signals to toll road stations.. the only thing I can think of is either.. using a transponder sticker underneath the tint (still have to ask the detail guy his thoughts about this) or mounting an external...
  8. 303 aerospace uv protectant and 303 fabric guard on sale for prime members, prime day sale.. BUT QUESTION

    Deal of the day for Prime Members: 303 Marine Aerospace Protectant Refill Bundle, 1 gal + 32oz bottle https://a.co/d/hQRKkRA Normally $114, on sale for $70 Deal of the day for Prime Members: 303 Fabric Guard Refill Bundle 1 gal + 32oz bottle https://a.co/d/iVq2AqI Normally $110, on sale for...