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  1. "Cookie Cutter" Tracker

    Not that anyone has ever said it's highly accurate in the first place, but just a word to the wise: don't trust the Ford.com "cookie cutter" tracking page. My Maverick was delivered to the dealership at 4:30pm cst on 9-25-23 and as of today(10-2-23) it still shows " in transit". I'm glad I am an...
  2. Latest Maverick crash test results & video: updated moderate overlap IIHS crash test

    Dang, we were thinking "A" was for "Awesome!!" :LOL:
  3. 372 Days Later, It's here!

    Just as I was getting ready to leave work today a car hauler pulled in and what to my wondering eyes should appear? 3 Lariat Mavericks and the last one on the trailer was mine! Stayed late and already installed my RokBlokz, painted the calipers, swapped out the cargo and hi-mount bulbs for...
  4. Service Engine Soon Warning "Air Leak detected"

    Hi, I am a Ford Senior( as in I've seen a few things so I know a few things) Master Technician, I would guess it has something to do with the powertrain control module(PCM) software and calibration. There is a new emission recall that was just released Thursday September 21st for Mavericks...
  5. what is this rolled up thing?

    I think it is one of these to give you a fighting chance when the cartel starts chasing you down the road to get their drugs out of the door panels that were put there in Hermosillo..... :ROFLMAO:
  6. Super Easy Hack For Lining Up Hitch To Trailer Ball

    Some of us grew up watching Cheers and listening to "little known facts" from Cliff Claven, that along with watching just about any movie with Joe Pesci in it and we became immune to the accent. :LOL:
  7. Has anyone installed the front license plate bracket without the plastic rivets?

    These might be similar to the above mentioned "rivnuts", but Ford uses what are commonly called " scrivets" on many trim panels. They are basically a plastic rivet but with a plastic crew in the center than can be unscrewed and reused. Your Ford dealer may even have them in stock. In addition...
  8. Fuel door ?

    It's a trade off, "locking" electronic release gas door on hybrid, more space under back seat on the ecoboost(no battery under seat). lol
  9. Is this normal a/c behavior?

    I hear yah, recirc would also help when sitting at a stoplight next to a vehicle with smoke rollin out the window that smells of skunk weed lol
  10. Is this normal a/c behavior?

    As stated in previous post and owners manual, this is a feature designed to prevent fogging of the windows and limiting visibility. If you have ever lived in a cold climate and are over the age of 40-50 you have probably seen someone in an import(and a few domestics had manual recirc levers too)...
  11. Added a Shift Lever

    Out of curiosity, your last name wouldn't happen to be MacGyver would it?? :ROFLMAO:
  12. Door ding protectors

    Yep! I have those ready and waiting!
  13. Free 2023 Maverick

    When the dealership calls just tell them they must have been part of the big cyberattack that took down hotels in Las Vegas recently also. You have no idea where the money is, but it's not in your account and shows it was sent to them ..... :LOL:
  14. Hangin’ in Hermasillo!

    You can't. It's for dealership personnel/employee use. I see you are in Peoria?? Yours is probably on the same transportation mine is I would guess, I'm across the river in East Peoria.. but "hot off the press!!" I just received an email update showing estimated delivery between 9/12/23 and...
  15. Hangin’ in Hermasillo!

    Mine was built the same day, the pizza cutter shows 9-6-23 but when I ran the OASIS report on the PTS website for Ford technicians it shows build date 9-5-23. Anyway, mine finally showed shipped on 9-13-23. I contacted Ford Chat and they told me it was in El Mirage Arizona on 9-14-23, so mine...
  16. 🧭 Maverick Build & Tracking Links

    My window sticker shows convoy, I just went to the link for truck transport listed ( https://palsapp.com) but it requires log in and password, and doesn't state how to obtain those ....:unsure: ( built 9-6-23, shipped 9-13-23, Ford chat said it was in El Mirage Arizona on 9-14-23)
  17. Tire rotation pattern

    If all tires are the same size and not directional, the Ford recommended way of tire rotation is as follows: for all wheel drive/4 wheel drive or rear wheel drive vehicles, the rear tires move to the front(staying on their respective sides), and the fronts cross to the rear. For front wheel...
  18. Build Date 9-6-23 and Now on the Way!!

    It won't be long( I hope) Now!! I'm just wondering if Marty McFly is going to bring it to me though, check out the estimated arrival date....... :ROFLMAO: