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  1. Best Forscan scanner?

    Seeing quite a few on Amazon and FleaBay with varying prices. Any recommendations which ForScan scanner is the best choice for functionality and bang for the buck? Thanks
  2. Start/Stop Eliminator and the Start-X Remote Starter -- Anyone Using Both Together?

    The Start/Stop Eliminator and the Start-X Remote Starter. It looks like both install to the OEM wiring underneath the driver's side dash. I'm thinking about purchasing both, but wondering if they will play together? If anyone has had success running both, or not, I'd like to hear your experience.
  3. Anyone Rigged An Inverter In The Bed?

    Just brainstorming. Wondering if anyone has rigged up a pure sine wave inverter into the bed cubby? Curious what the included wiring is capable of handling. I have a small 400w pure sine wave inverter I'd like to install into a cubby. It can also plug into a 12v automotive (cigarette...
  4. Pretty Impressive For Stock! Testing the Ford Maverick Off-Road Capabilities

    Stumbled across this video on YouTube, I was looking to see what a bone stock XLT FX4 is capable of. Forgive me if it has been posted elsewhere on the board. I was impressed by the Mav's AWD capability. Not too shabby at all. This is gonna be fun!
  5. Newbie Forscan Question

    So I no nothing about Forscan, but unlocking some highly desired frills like access to all the drive modes and sign recognition is VERY interesting. Just curious if there is a way experts can help newbies remotely, maybe even for a small fee? Have any Forscan gurus devised something similar to...
  6. Extended Warranty Questions

    On smaller purchases I usually don't go for these, but I'm seriously considering looking into this when my truck arrives. I'm guessing the salesperson will propose an extended warranty at closing. How much does an extended warranty cost, or are different "plans" available for purchase? Would...
  7. I Want More Control Of My Build

    I know it ain't gonna happen, but this is my biggest frustration with the order process. I'd mentioned in another post that I initially had the splash guards and floor liners on my order. I contacted my salesperson to cancel them a full 10 days before I was notified by Ford of my truck being...
  8. 2024 XLT SecuriPad pulled -- and other gripes!

    I guess I'm out of the loop, I thought the XLT had one of those fancy newfangled SecuriCode keyless entry keypads installed. So Ford wants extra for a dealer to install it now? Bastids! 🤬 So can this supercool 007 tech be purchased post sale, maybe with some of those handy FordPass points?